Stitching Along-Completed

I don’t normally do too many posts in a day, is just that I’m happy to announce, after 5 long months of SAL, I’ve finally completed it. Yay! I’m so happy :D, that I’m jumping over the moon.

This is the final part of the SAL, which was released on 1st Jan over at Les Marottes de Nathalie. I love how details of part 5 when we concentrate on stitching the motif, look at the teacup, there’s even some details on the smoke. Heehee.. And if you look closely, I actually made a huge mistake. The bricks of the house was supposed to be cross-stitched, but instead, I think I mis-understood it and I had it in back-stitches. LOL. What a grave mistake. But I kind of the love the look. Mine is going to be so different from the others. Oh well, I can live with that. I’ve chosen to stitch the signed version instead of the un-signed version.
And this is the whole piece of how it look from the start to the end. I’m going to get some professional help in framing this.
20140120_130755For the many who had joined in, I hope you had fun doing the SAL. Have a crafty week ahead. 😉


19 thoughts on “Stitching Along-Completed

    • heehee.. yup.. i got to say.. is one of my first “big” piece i’ve done.. usually i only keep to small patterns.. but it was fun stitching it.. the strong motivation of being in a SAL..

    • heehee… yup.. you got it.. emmm… I love the poem too.. which caught my attention to join in the SAL at first.. it was a fun stitch after all.

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