OMG.. Liebster Award..

Oh thank you Vix Knit for the nomination of the Liebster Award. I’m flattered by the second time nomination. The rules were slight different from the first one I got and the logo is also different.  It as seems interesting , as this time there is a better description on this award.


Source: from Vix Knit

The Liebster Award is given by bloggers, to bloggers, and it’s purpose is to highlight blogs with under 200 followers that deserve a look. Encouraging people to visit blogs that others enjoy seems like a great initiative. The rules for the award are pretty straightforward:
1. Post eleven facts about myself
2. Answer the questions given to me by the person who nominated me
3. Invent eleven questions to ask people whom I wish to nominate for the award
4. Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link to them in my post.
5. Go to their blog and tell them.

So here goes…
Random Facts about myself
1. My favorite color is really pink. And I own a Pink Samsung  NoteBook, a pink Sony Laptop(given by my husband) a pair of Pink Sports Shoes, a pair of pink ballet flats, and many pink tops… LOL… I think you get the idea…

2. I love traveling and had the opportunity to visit some parts of Europe and Asia. I love all things European.. I’ve not been to the States Yet.. Hopefully one day I will.  photo happy.gif

3. My dream is to go on the Trans-Mongolia and then the Trans-Siberian railway from Ulaanbaatar to UK, instead of taking a flight. Also to visit Machu Picchu.

4. I’ve visited Finland Airport 3 times but have not really tour Finnland yet. LOL.. This is because I’m always on Finnair to Europe, and I managed to step out the last time to see Helsinki for 6 hours.  photo kuso.gif

5. I’m an advanced Open-water Diver.

6. I collect stamps, postcards, stickers, letter-sets and bookmarks during my schooling age.. Lol.. maybe that’s why I love Swap-bot so much.

7. I met my husband over MSN chat and we have known each other for 10 years and married for ~4years

8.  My favorite snack is potato chips, especially Salt and Vinegar. Yum!!
My favorite drinks are coffee, tea, hot chocolate with mash-mallow.  photo cup05_zpsf57f1f40.gif

9. I’m a poor speller, so sometimes, you may spot a mistake or two on my post. I’m sorry about that.

10. I’m obsess with craft magazines and can spent up to almost SGD$50 per month.

11. I treasure my time very much and that’s why I hope not to go back to any form of  full time employment where possible.

My questions to Answer (from VixKnit):

  1. Who inspires you and why?
    -My Mom, she is a self-taught jewellery Maker and I love her creations and idea.
  2. Describe your dream holiday
    -Oh.. I love holidays that I can trek, be with the nature and sleep in a tent/caravan.
  3. Have you taken it?
    -emmm.. not sure what this means.. photo icon_eek_zps6c04e726.gif
  4. Do you write anything apart from your blog?
    -Does Postcards/ Letters Count?
  5. What’s your favourite TV show, past or present?
    -I don’t really watch much TV show. If I do will be some Hong Kong drama.
  6. Do you believe in alternative therapies? Why/why not?
    -If the main stream medicine fails me, maybe I will seek for alternative therapies.
  7. Have you ever seen anything you couldn’t describe – ghosts, fairies etc?
    -Emmm.. Nope
  8. What’s the best present you’ve ever been given?
    -Meeting my Husband.
  9. Lazy days or busy days?
    -Today is a lazy day.. Is Sunday..
  10. What’s your favourite book?
    -Anything by Frank McCourt and Tracy Chevalier.
  11. What’s the worst you’ve ever read (or tried to read)?
    -Emmm.. can’t think of any…

And Now…My Nominations are:
1. HappiHappu
2. Sew Rosey
3. Lizzage
4. Stitch Therapy
5. Stitches ‘N’ Dream
6. Walking in Colour
7. Tabletop and Stitches
8. Leaves and Pages
9. Knanaknits
10. Knitting with Schnapps
11. By Small Means

My Questions for My Nominees:
1. Who inspires you most for your work?
2. What/Where are your source of inspiration?
3. When do you feel best to craft/write?
4. What are your favorite snacks/ drinks?
5. Do you have a dream holiday? If yes? where will that be?
6. Name one crazy thing you did the last weekend.
7. What is your favourite book?
8. What is your latest recycling/upcycling project?
9. Champagne or cider?
10. If you can live in one place, where will that be?
11. What is your favorite type of medium you use for crafting?

Congratulations to my nominees and I want to thank you for inspiring me one way or another with your posts. Keep those crafty hands and witty minds going. Thank you.

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