A Granny Square A Day

Latest Update:

June 2015~ All Granny Squares have found a new home for SG50 Yarnbombing. I’m happy to be part of this project. You may read more on my post here.


Below are my Granny Squares made per day for 2014, which hopefully by the end of the year I’ve 365 pieces and will be made into a blanket. Stay tune for regular updates. The sizes are measured at least at 12cm by 12cm. Please click on the links/photos to where I’ve gotten the pattern. For those without link,  I’ve gotten them from books. I’ve added the titles at the end of the page.

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Thank you for stopping by.


Week 1 (1/52) ~Jan 1st to Jan 7th
Fotor0113123126(From Top Left Corner:
Traditional Granny Square; Big Circle Afghan Squares;
Solid Stripe Square; Granny Squares with little flower;
Italian Cross Granny; Flowers and Granny; Lacy Granny

Week 2 (2/52) ~Jan 8th to Jan 14th
Fotor0118234459(From Top Left Corner:
Simply Pretty; A Unique Point; A Slanted Granny Square;
Square in SquareMerry-go-round SquareBlooming Violet Square;
A Lavender Love)

Week 3 (3/52)~ Jan 15th to 21st Jan
Fotor0125135737(From Top Left Corner: 9 small squares in a Granny Square,
A flower granny square, Pretty Petals, More V’s Please, A Lace Affair, Loopy Flower Granny Square, Cornered Heart Granny Square)

Week 4 (4/52)~ Jan 22nd to 28th Jan

(From Top Left Corner: Bev’s Soft Flower Square;
Lily Granny Square; 4-Hearts Square; A Bird and a Flower Square;
Vintage Lace Square; A Circle in the Middle; Yo-Yo Granny Square)
Week 5 (5/52)~ 29th Jan to 4th Feb
Fotor0207120649(From Top Left Corner: 2-D flower; Aligned Shells Afghan SquareLog Cabin Square; Daisy Motif Granny Square;
Gothic Square; 4-Pointed Star Square; Orange (“Pink”) Blossom Square

Week 6 (6/52)~ 5th Feb to 11th Feb
(From Top Left Hand Corner: Flower at the Side, Cherry Granny Square, Roses Granny Square, Circle in the middle Granny Square, Granny Square with a butterfly, Heart Granny Square, 2 for 1 heart)

Week 7 (7/52)~ 12th Feb to 18th Feb
(From Top Left Hand Corner: Knitted Hearts Granny Square, Mollies Makes Granny Square, Open Granny Square;
Butterfly Garden; Lacy Popcorn Granny Square; Sunshine Granny Square; Alternate Spikes Granny Square)

Week 8 (8/52)~ 19th Feb to 25th Feb
(Granny Squares shown here are made from the book resources, titles are as below)
Fotor030314827(From Top Left Hand Corner:Puff Stitched Stripes, Spikes Stripes, All Over Bobbles Granny Square, Seashore Trellis, Alternate Bobbles, Jacquard)

Week 9 (9/52)~ 26th Feb to 4th March
(Butterflies are from this link, other Granny Squares shown here are made from the book resources, titles are as below)


(From Top Left Hand Corner: Butterflies Granny Square, Single Space Granny Square, Spring is Here, Single Chain Shell Lace, Open lace Granny Square, Criss Cross Granny Square, Victorian Lace)

Day (64/365): 5th March Granny Stripes

Day (65/365): 6th March: Lacy Cross

Resources used:
1) The Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton
2) 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, throws and Afghans by Jan Eaton

3 thoughts on “A Granny Square A Day

  1. Very cute work. I read your article about yarn and thread shops closing…….. Since the economic downturn there is a resurgence in making do and crafts in the UK, so hopefully this may also happen in Singapore 😉

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