Craft Workshops (Groups or Events)


Dear Organizers,

If you are looking at this site, you may be thinking about setting a craft workshops for your colleagues or friends:

We need the following information to understand better in assisting you in your events:

  1. Group size: We accept a small group size of up to 10 pax per group.
    The teacher to students ratio is at: 1:10
    (Anything more than 10 pax, the students will have a compromised learning experiences. However,  if you are accommodating for a huge group, we can provide additional trainers)
  2. Duration: Usually keep to 1.5 hours
    (In our experiences, anything more than 2 hours, students will get tired easily and unable to concentrate further)
  3. Learning stage: Is this just an exploration stage or you would like the participants to bring home a finished product? You may check out here for our wide variety of completed product. Bearing in mind that if you opt for the exploration stage, it only require 1 session, but a completed product may requires more than 1 session.
  4. Venue: Do also let us know where you intend to have this event held out.
  5. Our quotation includes all materials to make up the finished product, the starting price for a group workshop begins at $45/pax. This is just an estimation quote for event organizers and we may adjust according to different events, and provide better quotation for charity events or for MOE school students.
  6. You are most welcome to write to us: with your inquiries.