Happy September, knit and crocheting away

Dear Friends and new readers who just joined us,

A big hello… I just saw the last post which I’ve put up was in June ;P.. wow..
I think the whole of July and August, I had gotten “busy”/ lazy and also I haven’t been well.
I’m still half way from recovering from this awful cold bug which just doesn’t want to go away. how annoying.. 😦

So how have you been my dear friends? I hope your summer days have been well and you have been healthy too.

All I can say, with the ease of applications on my phone these days, I’ve turn lazy to write on blog.
I’ve also moved most of my latest work into Instagram. So if you have an account, do follow and I will follow back to see what crafty things you have been doing.  Instagram, allows me to post instantly and also allows me to interact with my followers.

Having say that, I’m not leaving my blog which has been my soul-mate since 2013.  Yup.. 4 years old already.. but I can see that back then, I had more energy and time to write my post. Lately.. I think I’m not that into writing up a post. Maybe this is the period where most bloggers had come to a point where they mentioned about “blogger block”. Maybe I have reached this point and I do need to recognize it and  maybe try to revive it back. 😉

oh well.. before I come back to the reviving part. I think it would be best that I share something which I manage to knit and crochet when I’m gone. Something for myself to use and I find the pattern very easy to follow.

The picture on the left, I use a yarn from Hamanaka, ERZ yarn, which I fall in love then I first see it. The colours are really amazing, with the band of silver and gold mix with some earthy tone. (I’m sorry that I don’t have a full pattern for this top, cos I got it from a magazine.)
But the idea is easy, I crochet two pieces of oblong shape and join it at the neckband and arm band. I’m sure it works best for any stitches with double crochet stitches. I find this pattern easy to follow and the fitting is loose so there are not much decreasing or increasing to do. I guess this is the kind of pattern which is easy to follow and adjust to one size.


The picture on the right is a free pattern I found on Ravelry–> A Classic French Beret by Erika Larner

An easy to knit up beret, I use yarn from Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn and 3.25mm knitting needles. Which I guess for experienced knitters you can whip it up in an afternoon. the top is an I-cord bind off.

I did manage to stitch something while I’m away, But I mess up the cutting of the cloth. 😦
Yup.. I do mess things up once in a while.. so until I get that sorted out, I hope to post a picture later.

So until then.. I will still try to come back and post something back here. I wish you well and health and we speak soon.

3 thoughts on “Happy September, knit and crocheting away

  1. Hi Angela!! I have missed you! But I totally understand. I don’t think I have been on my blog since…Jun or July. Life gets busy and other things take priority. We get to it when we can. I do hope that you are feeling better. A lingering bug is really not fun at all. I do hope that you are back to 100% great very soon. Your crochet and knitting projects are awesome! Happy to hear that you are getting in some crafting time. Take care of yourself and feel better. Hugs!

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