Happy Spring Blog-Hop & A Giveaway

A Big hello to all friends and readers,

A very Warm Welcome to our First Spring Blog Hop…
Today is the day you’ve been waiting for…
The bloggers are all here to share some loveliness of Spring, some craftiness, brilliant Spring Poetry, incredible photos, rabbits hopping, flowers blooming, incredible giveaways and Superb Spring Sensations to you.

So without further ado, let me present you the 9 awesome
Spring bloggers 😉
Untitled(From Top Left)
Pretty Little Things In A BoxHandmade by Hannah
Stitches ‘N’ Dreams Aomori WorkshopAzura Chan
La casita de tul UK City CrafterSew Rosey
Knitting with Heart
As the host of this Blog-Hop, I do love Spring for many reasons.
Spring to me is like an awakening call, is like things has been pressed the re-set button and life has a new beginning. There are many new events and projects to look forward to in this time of the year 😀

For many of you who has been following me for a while, you may realize that I’ve been away for the past few days. I needed to as I need some time out. Partially I was busy with SPRING-Cleaning.

I must say the inspiration came after I’ve read  an earlier post by Handmade by Hannah. Hannah did a Book Review on Craft Show & Sell: Expert Tips for Confident Craft Selling earlier this year.

Source: Craft Show & Sell, A review by Handmade by Hannah

I chance upon this book last Friday in the bookshop.
When I flipped it, I immediately fell in love with it.
I agree with the Review done by Hannah and how inspiring this book has been 😉
The first Chapter has been the source of  the inspiration for me~

For the past 1 year, I had been contemplating on doing craft full-time. I knew deep down in my heart somewhere that crafting is the thing I wanted to do now, but I still can’t let go of the past. To be honest, I was pretty much torn apart somewhere between what I want to do and what the reality was.

After reading part of the  book on the train ride home, I had a chat with my loving hubby once I reached home last Friday.
I told him that I really want to do craft full-time now, and I needed the a space. (The thing is we only had 2 rooms in this house. One being our bedroom and the other a study room which is co-shared between me and Hubby.)

As you may know the past one year, I had been crafting at a crafting table. The thing is, I had many craft supplies kept away. Some in the drawers, some under the bed, some hidden elsewhere. Many forgotten items keep away in some dusty corner.
It was really messy.
Hubby has really been very supportive and told me,
“Yes, is time to reorganised, you’ve put it away too long.
Just clean it up and have it organised.”

And so the BIG SPRING-cleaning happened…Fotor0419115242
Don’t ask me why or how, but this book really got me Springing into action. Is like this invisible energy came from no-where and I started clearing out. I don’t want to bore you to death with the before look. I begin organizing, putting all the cloth and felt in the basket. Beads, bells, buttons, sequins in glass jars. Paper in folders. Yarn into the basket. I’ve been sorting out the ribbon, trims and laces.
~Phew it was really all very hard work with this organizing 😦
Lovely hubby gave me his table too for this Big Clean Up.
Now my items are sorted out and clearly seen and I must say I can easy craft with what I had.. Yay! 😀

I threw away my uni-books and got my craft resources into the room. The wall has many resources which I collected over the years. You can see that is nicely segregated and labelled. I’ve also pinned up some inspirational words on the wall. The extreme right photo above showed how I’ve strung up my hoop art. And I’ve also got the SAL which I did earlier all framed and hung up too.
Yay! I really excited now to seat here and craft away all day long.
(*Big Grin* 😀 )

And before I leave you, I’ve 2 more things to share with you.
First for some rabbit hopping. I really love rabbits and I can’t tell you how much this house has serious rabbit hopping business going around this Spring. You may find some free stitchery links as below:


Rabbits Projects Stitched Past and Present

(From left to right: Spring Pull Bell, A little Bit of SpringCarrot PatchSpring Witch,Free Hand Musical Rabbit Embroidery)

Lastly, I want to thank you for your time, reading,
commenting and blog Hopping.

So for the big effort,
I’m having a Giveaway for all readers and friends.
Just leave me a comment below with your
Favorite colour & what you like about Spring.
 On 30th April 2014, I will do a lucky draw via random number and
TWO lucky winners will receive a package from me based on your Favorite colour.
I ship worldwide, so anyone can join.
Enter Now to win something from me.

Next Stop…

Do Hop over to  Handmade by Hannah for more Spring Happiness.
I wish you all readers Happy Blog Hopping and
a Blessed Easter Ahead. Bye Now..

27 thoughts on “Happy Spring Blog-Hop & A Giveaway

  1. Hi Angela – thanks for organising the Spring Blog Hop – my 1st ever blog hop – yeah. Yur craft room looks so bright, light and organised. I might have to get a copy of the book. I would love to enter you giveaway – spring to me is all about young love. Love of all types and love of craft. Happy hopping

  2. Thank you for organising this Bolg Hop, it’s lovely to read everyone’s thoughts on Spring. You have certainly been busy Spring cleaning your craft room. It’s good to have everything handy for when inspiration strikes!
    My all time favourite colour is blue and I love bluebells.

  3. Thanks for organising the blog hop! I loved your post! I’m so glad that my review has inspired you and I wish you all the best with your crafting endeavour! I can’t wait for some updates on your progress 🙂 I LOVE your craft space! My favourite colour is definitely pink! And I love the spring sunshine!

  4. HI Angela. Thank you for organising this blog hop. I am so impressed with the organisation in your craft room – now you will be able to find everything very easily! My favourite colour is blue, and although it’s hard to choose what I like best about spring, I think it has to be the sunny daffodils. XX

  5. Looking forward to looking at the blog hop. Having things sorted is great isn’t it? Good Luck with all your future crafting.

    My favourite colour is blue and what I like about Spring is to be able to get out in the fresh air and to see all the spring flowers.

  6. Wow! Your crafting space looks amazing! I didn’t craft since I was a child, quite a while ago but we used to have a crafting corner who’s still here but more used as storeroom or for my Dad’s working stuff… Seems like I need to clean that up now, thanks your post I’m inspired to clean up and craft a little! 🙂
    What I like about spring is that everyone’s happy and laughs, just like we’ve been asleep the whole winter and everyone’s well-rested now and in the mood to do something, go outside, plant, craft, whatever just be alive! Oh..and sure I love the little baby animals! My favourite colour would be blue.
    Enjoy the spring time!

  7. What a fun blog-hop, congrats on hosting it! I love spring, as well. And, how fun to base a giveaway on a favourite colour. My favourite colour is shades of purple (grey, amethyst, lilac, periwinkle, all of them).

    And, not sure if you’ve seen some of the ‘colour’ posts I’ve done with respect to sewalongs where I compile tonnes of info on the colours. So far, I’ve done one for ‘red’: http://gjeometry.com/2013/10/25/the-hunt-for-red-october-finds-an-innocent-bhl-polly-top-and-david-bowies-pants/ and one for ‘blue’: http://wp.me/p2XTOJ-162. Feel free to browse to find out more about these colours. I will be posting more in the coming months.

  8. I suppose that my favourtie colour is purple but it ranges from bright pinky purple to darkest mauve! Spring is just so lovely with all those plants waking up – my garden is my inspiration and I just love to be in it! Thank you for organising this blog hop – I am looking forward to visiting the other blogs. Good luck with your future career! and well done for all that spring organising. xx

  9. I love the craft space you have created. My favourite colour – this is difficult – but I think it’s blue. i love Spring for the lighter evenings and the birds nesting in our garden nest box.

  10. Well done for the new craft space. I really envy you. 🙂
    Thanks again for hostin this. It was fun!
    My favourite colour is purple. I like the flowers bloomed during Spring. 😉

  11. My fav colour is purple and my runners up are teal/aqua and magenta! My favourite thing about spring is all the baby animals!! Blooming flowers/trees/bushes are so encouraging to go outside and do things 🙂

  12. Hi Angela 🙂 Great job organizing this (first annual?) spring blog-hop! I’ll be hopping over to Hannah’s next, and will be reading her book review. Your craft area is terrific!!! My favourite colour is definitely purple. My favourite thing about spring is warmer weather and spending time outside! 🙂 ❤ ❤

  13. Hi Angela…Happy Spring!
    Thank you for the wonderful Spring Blog Hop and the chance for a giveaway.
    Also, your new craft space looks great. I think of Spring as a time of refresh and renewal. My favorite color is Caribbean turquoise blue. Many happy crafting days to you in your new craft space.🌸

  14. Happy Easter! And Happy Spring I suppose, but sometimes that’s a little harder to believe! I’m not sure what my favorite part of Spring is, but it’s either the smell of freshly cut grass, or all the sunshine that suddenly pops up! Such a nice change from all the rain and grey clouds. My favorite colour is a really dark purple (think DMC550!) It really is so nice being able to exactly specify what it is in such a way, don’t you think?!

  15. Great idea…I’m just miffed I never got around to joining in! Maybe next year? I love spring with all the hope and expectations. All the plants come to life with vibrant colours. Everything looks fresh and new. Your crafting space looks amazing and I am a little jealous, ok a lot. You are going to have so much fun! Xxxx

  16. You’ve inspired me to get organized! We just moved to a new house, and right now our crafty things are all boxed up. I want to make sure that everything has a place as we unpack – and that we’re only holding onto things we’ll use.

    As for my favorite color, it’s deep violet (at the moment – subject to change on a whim). My favorite part of spring is hydrangeas, definitely!

  17. Spring is all about rejuvenation and renewal and I love the warm weather, blooming flowers, singing birds and sunshine that comes along with it. My favourite colour is yellow.

  18. Spring is such a pleasing time to clean. I’ve been taking down teapots and tea cups, cleaning and putting them back up. My favorite color is purple. Especially when the first purple crocus of spring push up through the ground!

  19. My favourite colour is Blue, at the moment. Spring is my favourite time of year, I love to be able to get outside in the garden, feel the sun on my face and smell the flowers, Great clear up, I really should….

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