Regular Meet Ups

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(B) Monthly Meet-Up events, please check here for more information.
(You have to be a member to join us in various events.)
heartscutecolorsfae8b (1)Welcome to our meet up sessions, we are happy to see new friends in joining us in our events.  We meet at least once a month for the love of crocheting, knitting and cross-stitching. Please see our meet up group for more information. You need to be a member before joining us in the events. Some of our meet ups are free of charge. Hope to see you soon.


8 thoughts on “Regular Meet Ups

  1. I just got into crochet August 2013 and I am crazy about crafting ie knitting, sewing, making your own jewellery, etc. The joy of making your own and able to custom make is indescribable.

  2. So happy to come across this web today. Live in USA now on holiday in Malaysia/Singapore. Now in spore but returning to KL this Sunday. Next time in spore again hope to meet some knitters or people who love to crochet. When in KL will visit the LYS daily and knit/chat there the whole day to pass time, I enjoyed it. Been to the Golden Dragon in People Park Centre n not very happy with a staff there, their service is terrible too.

    • Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the services at golden dragon.. Definitely would love to meet u if u are in town next time.. Keep in touch and take care.. Happy crafting. 😉

  3. You liked a post on my blog so I came looking… We lived in Singapore for 8 years (left in 2008). I would have loved to have been part of a craft gathering! Fortunately I did have one colleague who liked to craft too so we sometimes managed to get together and cross-stitich and chat 🙂 I didn’t knit much in Singapore. I found it quite warm but then I didn’t know how to make socks. If I were there now I would knit too.

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