Learning to Shuttle Tat

My dear friends and lovely readers,

Greetings.. Hope June has well for you. Hopeful where-ever you are, the  warm weather of June is bring you peace and joy so far.

For Me, the days of June has been warm and really (temperature) hot. Weather aside, things are going well so far; which I guess it’s good news right. 😉

And One good thing has been… I’ve picked up Shuttle Tatting. You may have remembered this post from the past. Remember the time when I tried to Needle Tat? I think I didn’t really practice that much and I kind of give up.
(See those loopy-looking flowers.. >.<)

Anyhow, I picked up Shuttle tat from this lovely Teacher, Miss Fiona, from UK. She is really patient with all of us who wants to pick shuttle tatting and I have to say this form of needlework is no joke. You need lots of patience with yourself and many many many many (really many) hours of practice. And I’m really grateful to her for teaching me how to Shuttle-tat, cos I’ve been wanting to learn how.


Even after my first session with Ms. Fiona, I could not really understand the holding of shuttle and thread well, so I kind of take some time off and practice all over again. She made us do 10 double-stitches (ds) followed by a picot and 10 ds and close ring.

Then I kind of practice with 5 dc followed with a picot (repeat 3 times) and close ring. Ok the scary thing is that if the stitches are done wrongly, the ring will not close. And you can also see that the Picot on the left-hand side is bigger then the rest… that is the other thing to prefect. Tatting requires perfect ds and picots. ~phew.. Yup.. I know how difficult that could be. >.<

After the top picture, I went to make more boo-boos.. and I’ve collected a small bag of boo-boos. Yes I kept all these little”mistakes” and wrote notes with it on how I can improve from it… I guess this will make me learn better. And hopefully in future I will not make that same mistake again. 😉

Then I went on to learn how to read simple pattern chart like this picture below.
You can see (from the blue thread) that I managed to do 10 ds followed by picot and 10 ds (x 5 times) and it becomes a flower. But can you see that the tension is still weak as the loops can’t sit nicely.. emmm… I suspect could be the way I hold the thread when making all those loops.. (Note to self about that)

After all those little boo-boos I’ve made, I went on to make something more “challenging” a series of rings, and chains and this is what is resulted. The two on tops are actually made wrongly, one has 5 loops, the other 7 loops.

Reason being, I forgot to count six loops. I was really happy to close that “ring” then I realized “oops” and lol.. Mistakes again.. So on my third attempt, the middle one (green and pink motif)… yohooo.. I finally got that 6 loops. LOL… and I’m really happy about it. Although, I can see from my picture the picots are not well-form yet.

So I can say, I’m having fun this June… and I really hope I don’t give up, cos I’m really enjoy tatting. I guess for me is the constant action of making these tiny ds and flicking the thread that made me interested to continue.. and not forgetting how those little picot made my mind crazy. Okie… I got to go and prefect these stitches.
Chat real soon.

5 thoughts on “Learning to Shuttle Tat

  1. Really impressed! My mother learned to do tatting with a shuttle. but I could see it was something that I could never master. Your five and seven loop motifs are just as pretty as the six. Who will know you didn’t choose to make them that way. 😉

  2. I looked into this once but it looked so complicated. I think you’re doing really well. Good luck continuing.

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