Knitting Away in May

Hello my lovely friends, readers and friends who jut joined us,

Welcome to this humble space of mine… And I can say. Yeahh!!!! I finally made it. 2 post in a month for the month of MAY.. LOL.. yes.. I have been neglecting my blog for a while and felt guilty for doing it…. But this month.. I tell myself.. quit being lazy and put in some time to write down my memories in May.

And I have to say.. i do have quite a bit to share though.

Firstly.. I’m happy to finish this cute top using King Cole Cotton Crush (Colour: Petal). The colour band just reminds me of watermelon. 😉 The thing is that I was working on circular needles (for both front and back) then I realize the band doesn’t comes out as well as working on straight needles. So I got to frog it and then when I worked it on separate pieces, viola… the colour band comes out better. 😉

Besides knitting this top, I also had some fun meet-up events over this past month.

(If you are in Singapore, please note that I will try my best to engage knitters and crocheters though our Meet-Up group, which you can read more here.)

Firstly was meeting for the Innocent Big Knit.
You got too check the website.. really.. go now 🙂 .. Cos there are sooooo many cute little hats (with free patterns) to make. And the best part is, this is for a charity event. For every hat you made, Innocent Drink is donating 25p to Age UK. You can read more on their website.
And I have to say this is such a fun meet-up and we made these hats within one afternoon. All thanks to these lovely ladies who are so creative with their handmades. We are really satisfied for these knits.
The closing date to send your items to UK is on 31st July, so don’t hesitate.. knit some and send over. Address and details on website.

And Next, I also have created a Knit and Natter group every last Friday of the month at a cafe. Small start, but we hope to see more people coming later. We keep the venue to our members so, if you are interested, please sign up over at meet up group.

Last but not least, our group celebrates 2 years on 28th May. This was delayed celebration (which was supposed to be on 30th April, but as you’ve read I was busy moving shop back then) … When I scroll back to my old post, I realized we had a beautiful cake back then.. but this year we kept it really simple ;).
Just some mochis and Swiss rolls 🙂 and of course, not forgetting great company with their handmade items. You can see that on the second picture we have our hand-made items held high.  Maybe next year.. we will have something more elaborate…..

So I have to say May has been well and fun… I’ve also getting some part-time help from a lovely lady who is able to stand in for me while I’m away. I’m so looking for a break soon…

So till then my dear friends, till we chat again. Which I hope to have 2 post/ month from now. 😉

15 thoughts on “Knitting Away in May

  1. You are a very busy gal. With the move from your old shop into your new, I am surprised you had time for anything else. You made it all come together very quickly. Love your new sweater. The colors do look like sweet watermelons 😉 I love seeing all that you are doing in your shop. I wish I were closer to come and visit and hang out and stitch the day away with you. I know you will post when you can. It’s always good hearing from you ❤

    • Hello ginny.. thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I try to squeeze in time for all the little craft. I wish I had time to sit and stitch too.. Nowadays if I have time for cross-stitch that will be a luxury for me…. 😉

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