Hello MacPherson and Goodbye Irving

Dear friends and readers…

Ahhhhhhh… sorry for missing in action for about a month or so.. OMG.. I can see that my last post was written on 31st March.. and *poof* i then disappeared.. Sooooo sorry about it. Life does gets me down and I haven’t had the energy to craft or write anything.

The Bulk of the reason is that I’ve shifted my Craft Business out from Irving Place.
For Friends who had visited me in that small shop of about ~200sq feet.. yes.. I’ve shifted out. As I needed to packed the goods, removed all installation, shelves, re-paint the wall, etc.. there was really alot of work for me. And the moving doesn’t stop. Cos’ for the new space (~500 sq feet), I need to clean, unpacked and then re-decorate again. You get the idea.

Our Old Space at Irving Place

The moving is really no Joke. I think I kind of get into the motion and just did what I needed to do and at the end of it there was no more creative juice left. All I can say is that the first space we had at Irving had served as well. it was a stepping stone for me to see if this business is viable and if I can foot my rent every month. I guess, as the business grew steadily, I needed more space for display, and more yarn and kits to sell. I can’t seem to get a space where is reasonable to fit the bill. So after searching for a while, I’m happy to settle down at our New Space at MacPherson Area.

The whole of April just flew by like that for me, not to mentioned that I had a tooth problem and some urinary tract problems. I think all due to the stress that was building up… I felt quite bad not taking care of myself better. Anyhow.. all those are fit now.. I’ve seen the dentist and the doctors.. and hopefully Health will be on track for me.

All, I can say is that I’m much better now.
As you can see from the picture below, the need shop looks more spacious now. We stock more yarn and kits now. It took me about few days to start this up again. And before I forget, This is our new address:

Wish I Were Stitching

12 Arumugam Road, Unit 03-12A, LTC Building B, 409958

So now, I’m trying to get the blogging and crafting momentum back. I hope to get back on track soon. I just can’t believe it is May already.. and the days just come and go soooo fast.

Before I go today, I need to thank these lovely angels who came by and support me during the rough months. Thank you friends. Without you support, I think I would have dropped dead by now.

So do give me some time.. and I hope to come back soon. I do miss the time of sitting in front of my laptop and reading your blog posts and crafting. See yah real soon.

8 thoughts on “Hello MacPherson and Goodbye Irving

  1. Not surprised you haven’t been around blogland lately. Good Luck with your new location. Sounds as if you must be doing well. And glad your health issues are resolved.

  2. well if you’ve moved to a bigger space then business must be doing well! So pleased this venture is working for you.

    • Thank you Claire.. i will try my best.. it hasn’t been easy.. but we have to give it a shot. šŸ˜‰ thank you for dropping by

  3. You have been so, so busy. Your new shop looks so warm and inviting! I wish you much success. And thank you, thank you for the lovely package that arrived in my mailbox yesterday! You are just the sweetest! I love everything ā¤ Especially that tiny hoop with the little crocheted flowers. You have wonderful patience, my friend šŸ™‚

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