Happy Spring 2017 and small giveaway

Hello my lovely friends and readers,

Welcome new friends who just joined us and thank you for following this humble blog.

I’m so happy that Spring has arrived and I hope it has arrived for you at your doorstep too.

All I can say is that, the past few weeks during March, I’ve been kind of taking a break. I have not been really organized at all… And to be honest, I have not been doing much projects. Maybe… because I’m still in that “lazy” mood. Oh well, I can see “The WIPs” are forever staying stagnant in the pile in the basket. I have not been productive at all 😦

Maybe, (and I’m also hoping) with this change in the season (I’m pretty excited with Spring), I hope to pick up some positive energy and finish all the items. Don’t we wish sometimes we have that magic wand to turn all these UFOs into finished products (yup.. i do sometime wish for that special power) .
And I’m sure we will be soooo happy right.  heehee…

Anyhow, in all this midst of not being able to finish all the bigger project, guess what, I went to whip out some smaller ones. LOL.. yup.. maybe that’s where all those time went to. Making something smaller… (Like I say, I should be more focus right)

So I went to stitch some “Spring”-themed mini-hoops. I love these cute oval ones.

Most customers I spoke to says they are quite hard to use as they are not sure what these sizes can be used for.
I guess, anything with a “longish: image can fit it right. I’m thinking, building, flowers, geometric patterns, etc. which I believe it can fit in. So I’ve made 2 designs to provided some ideas.

And I went on to crochet this little cutie pie.

Crocheting the pouch is not difficult, but what makes it challenging is the sewing it.
I think is something which I need to practice more. And the cute deer, I just cannot remember who gave it to me. But it is such a cute embellishment and I just got to use it.

And I thank you for sticking around with me till this end. And since it is the start of a new season, I’m also happy to send some happy mail out. Maybe a postcard, cute buttons, laces, patches of cloth, something small surprise to you.
I will think about it when I start packing them.

So something I ask of you my dear readers, let me know if you like to have something small coming your way.
Yes, I’m happy to do some small RAK. Just drop me a mail to: tingting_a (@) yahoo dot com, with your snail mailing address. I will mail anyway with a valid mailing address.
I will leave this giveaway till end of this month 31st March 2017. We’ll chat soon.
Hopefully the mood will improve by then.

6 thoughts on “Happy Spring 2017 and small giveaway

  1. this post has definitely improved my mood, even if it doesn’t feel much like spring here (it’s raining a lot in northern England)

  2. Happy Spring to you too! Very sweet and cute post for the Spring season. Here in Midwestern USA, our Spring has been sort of a roller coaster. It has been 70 degrees ☀️ the last few days and today it is 30 degrees 🌬. Lol!😂

  3. My comment disappeared when I had to log in!
    Happy Sprîng! It is Mothering Sunday this weekend but the clocks go forward on the same day which is most unfair!
    I love the designs you’ve made for the oval frames, they are quite unusual.
    I would love a RAK, it’s always nice to receive stitching mail and I like to send letters in return.

  4. Happy Spring. I too wish I could magically make all of my WIP’s become finished, but then again, I would miss the joy of stitching them. So as much as I wish I were caught up on everything, I can’t wait to be stitching on all of them. And you know if I were caught up, I would be adding lots of new pretties to be stitched. I have accepted that I will always have a WIP pile of something 😉 I hope you get some time to stitch on your WIP’s. The little oval’s pictures you stitched are so sweet and that purse is adorable!

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