Love is in the Air (Part 1)

Hello my dear friends and readers,

Thank you new friends who joined in recently. Welcome to this small and humble space of mine in the cyberspace.

I have to say Love is definitely in the Air…

Part one of this post, I must say a big thank you to the Local Newspaper for this recent write up.
It was featured last Friday.

Thank you for featuring small business like us.
I’m truly happy to see the business able to receive a shout out in the media. Thank you very much..
It had been years of hard work… and I’m ecstatic to see this. Things have not been easy when I’ve started out with this passion. It has been my huge love for needlework what really kept me going everyday. I truly love what I do each day. I also have to add that, beside passion, I also had great support from my dear family, DH, lovely friends who has been there for me. It has been a huge learning curve. And I must say, even till this day, I’m still learning. I can only say that for those who are starting up business, this moment of happiness didn’t come easily. It really has been baby steps all the way and to reach here, it takes time.
In this long journey, I’m glad that I am accompanied with my family, great friends and love.
They have been giving me ideas,  pointers on how to improve, encouragement and listening to me when I need to air things out.
These lovely angels are really the true heroes behind the scene.
The unsung heroes who are not mentioned are featured in the photo below:


Thank you dear friends, Thank you for the love always. I’m truly blessed.

5 thoughts on “Love is in the Air (Part 1)

  1. That is awesome you got a write up in your local paper, Angela. Hopefully it will create even more traffic for your wonderful business. Wish I lived closer so I could stop in and chat and stitch the day away with you. Congratulations on living your dream and continued success for your journey. Hugs!

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