Love is in the Air (last part)

Hello again my lovelies,

okie.. this will be the last installment for today. I know.. I should stop bombing your email or reading feeds on wordpress. LOL.. okie, please trust me, this will be the last piece of news and I’m making it short for this one.

Okie.. today being the 14th of Feb… and Love is surely in the Air..

I’ve made something for this V-day. Which you know normally I don’t right.. LOL
okie.. so, when I put the pictures together, I did realized, I’ve stitched, knitted and crocheted something. LOL.. I really wanted to laugh.

Laugh because, I was thinking… this is such a perfect post for such a heart-warming and lovely day.

In my younger days, I think my valentine days should be filled with romantic dinners, flowers and presents. However, as I reached my 30’s I realized, these are not important anymore. Really, flowers, they are beautiful, but cost like $100++ on this ONE SPECIAL DAY. Emmm… to me, not worth it. Don’t spend this kind of money on me.

I realized, what’s more important is to spend everyday like it is valentine’s day and give the person we love, the time, attention and affection daily. Really This is what is MOST important. Our time, our love, and attention. Make it daily. And not just on this 14th February!

So on this V-day, I’m sitting here all alone in-front of my computer, maybe having a quick bite later, but not “sucking” into the commercial way of celebrating V-day. No Way.. I think I’ve out-grown that and moved on… πŸ˜‰

I truly believe that everyday when we love the important people in our life and love the things we do… that is truly LOVE and everyday will be Valentine Day.



Crocheted this pair of Donald and Daisy Tsum Tsum


Made a Vest for DH. So Happy it fits him well. πŸ™‚


Made this pin-cushion for a fellow friend who loves Cross-Stitching


That’s all for my shortΒ write-up and I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day Ahead.

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