The Never Ending SAL (Stitching-Along)

 Dear Friends,

Welcome.. wow.. we’ve made it.. almost 2 weeks into the New Year.. How has 2017 been treating you so far?

I’m happy to say I’m going to be more PRODUCTIVE (well crafting wise) this year. And I have started a Journal on the 2nd day of 2017 after reading what other bloggers have been doing all these while. Yes..

Go Start a Journal>>> particularly love the idea of a Bullet Journal

If you go “google” it, you will find tons of ideas of setting up a journal. For me, I just want to keep some sort of progress chart for myself and I think that keeping track is important. If not I will just lose track of things and of course letting time slip past. My journal is just very simple (although I’ve seen very pretty and talented people doodling and very pretty decoration as well) Any how, my point being I want to just keep track of my projects and also the progress of my learning this year.

And I’m happy to report… Yay.. I’ve been keeping it going, although is only 2 weeks. The progress speaks for itself.

I’m coming up with the Never Ending SAL progress first. This is a lovely FREE design by Pamela K, over at Kitty and Designs.  (Pamela has a lovely blog with all crazy quilt ideas, updates on cats–> you need to scroll down to find the patterns and save them to your desktop. Please only for Personal Use.)

I’ve picked up a few Embroidery Stitches and I must say this design.. NEVER-ENDING and you can minus anything you don’t like, choose any colours you like, add any beads or whatsoever. It is really a fluid thing.
I TOTALLY ❤ it .


Band 1- 10 (Started Dec’ 16)


Band 1-13 (Completed today)

The above are what I have been busy with. So you can imagine how fun this is right? So I urge you to start stitching this lovely NEVER ENDING SAL. It is way toooooooooo much fun.

Okie dokie, I will end here today. I’ve already written when to come back (I will try my best to be back at least 2x per months.. LOL..

See yah real soon

15 thoughts on “The Never Ending SAL (Stitching-Along)

  1. I have that written in my planner for next week; one week a month to work on it. We’ll see how I go; maybe I’ll change that to one day a week as she seems to put them out so prolifically!

    • Thanks Ginny.. Yes.. please get started on Journal-ling.. It has made things in place for me the past one month. I will try and keep up with it. 🙂

  2. Ooh. Beautiful work on the stitching :). You might like trying out the habit tracking for the bullet journal. It’s a good visualization for me of how often I do something (exercise, floss, take a vitamin supplement) and encourages me to do those things more regularly.

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