Busy knitting, crocheting and stitching away

Hello my dear Friends and readers,

Big welcome to new friends who just join in this site, Big THANK YOU!

I can’t believe we are at December now. Yoohoo!!! You know what that means… with the big “C” just around the corner.. and
Yes, I’m listening to jingle bells, All I want for Christmas… and alot more Christmas Hits. Love them all.

So… if you are wondering why no post in November… I’m not too sure why.. All I can say I was busy knitting, crocheting and stitching away.. I had no idea the time just flew by like this. I guess when we are doing crafting things, time just slipped away, and before we know it, One month passed already… Oops!

Oh well, my short round-up for November…
img_20161101_182637and that’s me.. and Ms. K… we knitted some beanies, topped them up with Pom Pom.. For this Project, we used a chunky kind of yarn.. and I totally love how the beanies  looks. 😉
I also take the chance to make a knitted cable work. I’m not sure if you could see the cables well from the picture?
I totally love this kind of yarn and  maybe.. i was just thinking.. maybe I should have stick to a simpler pattern? what do you think?

In the Mid-November, we had a chance to show some new knitters the art of knitting. We hope they continue making things with knitting and maybe move on to other Techniques as well. 🙂
And it seems that the past months, we have quite a bit of knitting sign ups too..
mostly making scarfs.. which I believe it would be a good gift for winter wonderland.
img_20161119_112234 img_20161119_114118 img_20161119_115002

Moving on to crocheting, I can only say… I have been making Squares..img_20161201_133830 .. although they are not supposed to be in put into a “Star” orientation.. lol.. I need 60 pcs of this.. maybe more.. and nope they are not for charity purposes.. ohhhh.. I’m just going to keep you in suspense.. what they are going to be.. so.. not spilling the beans yet.

Lastly.. Stitching.. yes.. I’ve been stitching like alot.. but I cannot reveal yet.. cos we are still waiting for the results.. i can only show you a small teeny tiny bit.. I love dandelion.. an tah-dah.. what you think of this idea? I would stitch a dozen of these.. 🙂 anytime.. really I love it sooooooo much.

img_20161121_153740 img_20161201_003413
And if you are wondering what are the 3 packages on the left.. which looks like Christmas presents..
Oh well.. they were packages sent for a Local Craft Competition by DMC Asia.
I thank my dear crafty friends who has came forward to make all this work.  Thank you for your insightful knowledge and willingness to share. This competition cannot have survived and go through without your support. 😉
We are keeping all in suspense till 17th December when we get the result.. Heehee.. Just 2 more weeks and we’ll hope to bring in good news for all. 😉

Okie dokie.. so I guess in Short.. there’s where all my November was.. Busy away like a bee.. and I hope and really hope things will settle a little, which gives me time to whipped up or at least move some of my UFOs out of the baskets. lol.. Chat soon. 😉


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    • Hee hee.. I try to blog as much as I can.. But sometimes going offline really gives you more time to try different things. Have a merry Christmas. 🙂

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