October Round-Up…

Hello my dear friends and readers,

Yoohooo!!!!! *big Wave*

I thank you for your kind words and comments to my previous posting. I also received some emails and text messages the next day on business loans and also friends from near and far asking me what happened. Emmm… in short, I guess, we have to play along and understand the rules. I have not given up or gave in to anything yet. So we are still pressing on. Yes.. we are really tough cookies here.


Moving on, October really come and go too fast for me. I don’t remember much about what I did, but, I can see from my photo takings that I managed to finish some WIPs.. Yes!! and I’m really Ecstatic!!! It seems like forever reducing these UFOs in my workbasket.

You may have remembered my Hardanger project from my previous post here.. and tah-dah… I finally pic up the courage to cut the kloster blocks.. and also added the dove eyes.. and maybe you have guessed it? The finished item is a Needle-book with two different motifs.

img_20161020_095726  img_20161029_132946

And the other small project which I’ve managed to complete is this small cutie coin-pouch. The difficulty I met was sewing on the metal clasp, which I frogged out quite a few times to get it right. I finally got it straighten out, but I still feel there’s more room to improvement with that sewing work. I don’t quite like how messy inside looks like.  I got to say, practice makes perfect, and maybe I got to go do a few more to make it perfect.


The last thing which make October fun here was that, We celebrated “I love Yarn day” on  15th October.

We had quite a few friends coming forward to help and “stitch it forward. Something which I hope I can orgainse more later to create more awareness in Needlework Craft.

img-20161015-wa0003 img-20161015-wa0005 img-20161015-wa0008 img-20161015-wa0010 img-20161015-wa0012

I know in 2 Days time we are having Halloween, and usually I get very excited about it. However, I’m not sure why I didn’t feel particularly festive around this season of time. But don’t let me get in your way of celebrating. I wish my dear friends and readers, happy trick and treating..  we’ll chat soon.


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    • heehee.. it took me a while to complete them.. 😉 sometimes.. we just got to finish off all these UFOs before starting the next project. 😉

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