Pokémon Hunting

Hello my dearest friends and readers,

How’s things on your side of the world? For me, I have to say, I’ve become slightly (okie, VERY) obsess with Pokémon Hunting. LOL… If you are wondering what’s all this craze about, I got to tell you, it has been really crazy here in Singapore. And my favorite Pokémons has been these two cutie pies.

I guess, we are really lucky, as being in a tiny country, our Poké-Stop (where you spin all those Poké Balls and wonderful things) are really close by. Everything here is within Walking distance and you can even find Gym close by to train your Pokémons. LOL..

I’ve been playing hard to catch as many as I can so I can Evolve those powerful ones. I also tried my hands at the gym too.  And I have to say, Not bad, we did win a few battles.

Of course, I have to say, I’m neglecting some of my craft work recently. heehee… and I have been crazy with making these cuties. The lovely pattern can be found here, I have to thank 53 Stitches for the very easy to follow patterns to come up with Eevee and Pikachu. Appreciate it soooo much. I hope you will be able to find some Pokémons that you like and make them too…

I hope you Trainers out there are having fun catching and evolving the rare ones…
Ohh.. and i just see a magikrap sighting on my phone.. got to go peeps.. and hopefully I will be back soon.. 😉 😉 😉 signing off..


5 thoughts on “Pokémon Hunting

    • Hi Debbierose.. I heard there are some rare monsters which are in Aussie not here in Singapore.. makes me want to travel down-under.. 😉 heehee.. yes.. i understand that part of the traffic problem.. it sure is everywhere after this game is launch right.

  1. I have not caught the Pokemon Go bug, but I do know what Pokemon is all about. I used to play the card game with my kids and I used to be a Gym Leader where I took them to play every week. Fun times. I still have all my cards 😉 Glad to see you are having fun with it. Love the little crocheted Pokemon. So cute!

    • Way toooooo COOL Ginny.. wow.. didn’t know there were the card games back then. I just watched some of the cartoon actually. Glad you like the crocheted Pokemon. 😉

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