Hello August… and finally I’m proud to say….

Hello my lovely friends and readers from the Blogging land ,

Thank you new friends who has found this lovely space and has recently joined us, warm welcome.

To my lovely long time friends… A brand new month awaits us and what have you been up to lately? For me… life has been hectic here (but I’m happy and smiling while I’m typing this)… Pardon me for not being able to visit you often enough, I will try to keep up with all those beautiful readings and posts that you’ve created soon after I’ve typed out what has happened in July.

July has been one by quick ehh..
For me, I have been as busy as a bee since the last 2 weeks. New yarns and stitching patterns have arrived. And I have been busy tagging the price, and re-arranging the shop. I must say, since I gotten this small shop space.. I’ve been tidying up more than putting my time in creation. Maybe I’ve not come around with a balance on how to do things right yet. But after this one year.. I felt.. this is it.. July has been a month of me being more confident in what I’ve been doing.

So, please bear with me as this is going to be a long, and emotional post 

What made me say that.. I just totally feel it.. on the 29th July.. I felt it.. after finishing tagging all these beautiful yarns in my shop.

I have this wave of emotions that hit me.. that when I think back on how I’ve struggle this past one year.. how I’ve tried to put in new yarns in the shops so that people will take this yarn shop more seriously.

I’ve positioned the shop like a specialty shop, and if you re-call my earlier on picture, you may see more here. You can see that there was not much nice yarns.
The reasons I can explained is that; I was quite financially tight then and as much as I want to have these beautiful yarns, I have to wait for some money turnover/ cash-flow. I never understand the meaning of cash-flow. But now I do.It is something which You need to experiences in business and you can only understand it until you are put in this situation. Sad to say, the word cash-flow is not an explanatory word which one can just understand from The dictionary.

Back then (which is one year ago), I remembered after paying for the rent (ohhh BTW we have to come up with additional 1 month of rental deposit), and also the furniture, the power line/ electricity and light fixtures (thank goodness, the air-condition already come with the shop) I kind of left with not much funds for paying the goods. So you can say, I only find what I can afford to have back then. Which was the bare minimum of items. Owning a shop, is not like only having 1 hook to sell or 1 pair of knitting needles or 1 skein of yarn. It is like, you need to have these range of crochet hook sizes, brands and also a whole range of colours. ~phew.. that’s like a lot of work right. Yes, that how is it like.

I also remember in my earlier days of doing business, there was this Caucasian lady who stopped by my shop and after I greeted her, she just took not even 3 mins look on the shelf and left. I couldn’t even get what she wanted, cos maybe she was looking for something more premium and maybe I didn’t have that in the beginning. I must say, I felt quite bad not being able to meet the person’s expectation.  Also I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve also turned down a few phone calls when people are asking for yarn with merino wool content, or if I’ve anything with silk or anything with these or that. yes.. I wish I could provide all of these back in the beginning of time.. but I just couldn’t back then, like I say I was really financial-tight then.

On the other hand of not meeting these expectations and requests, I also meet some lovely ladies and friends who love the yarns I have in my shop. I’m also happy to share that there was another lady who came with her young daughter. They were very happy and kept saying everything in my shop is beautiful. I also have a few Gem customers turned friends who say they will support me. And these words of encouragement stayed in my heart and drive me to better serve my customers and friends who love yarns like myself.

One lady came by earlier last week and we were chatting how my business is a cottage-kind of business and is the niche of the niche (not many people knit here, and the subset of those who knits, not many people understand the use of premium yarn)… Yes.. this sound like I’m going out of business soon right. LOL.. nah… this is not the case.


Hope you can Like Us..

Luckily for me, I have a very supportive and kind hubby. This man, really stand by me, and I’m truly grateful to have him.
We have since improved the E-commence site recently and also Hubby has helped me to start a Facebook page.LOL… yes.. you must be thinking.. with me being able to blog why not start a FB page. and why wait till now…Oh the thing about me is that I’m not that social-media friendly. I love to use instagram and just write a few words and make it easy for me to post. For FB, I just felt it is too much work for me, to have to handle a page.. Aghhhh.. Oh well, if you are into social media, check us out there too. We just started like 3 days ago, so you are not missing out anything too.

So… For my title today.. I’m proud to say.. I’m A YARN SHOP Owner.. yeah!!!! and the shop has grown to a small (pretty empty) shop to one which is fully packed with awesome yarns and craft items.
Thank you my supporters who has been standing by me all these while. It has not been easy, but your accompany has definitely made my journey a meaningful one. I have not forgotten you guys too… Yes.. My blogging friends, you have taught me so much when I first started this blog, and I have learnt so many things from you.

I would like to pay it forward. (Thank you.. for reading this far, and accompanying me all these while), Hence, I’m giving away 2 skeins of Downton Abbey Lady Sybil Gull Grey. I wish I have more things to give each and every one of you . I had this  yarn in my stash for a while and have used it to make Downton Abbey Dowager Shawl. All you have to do is have these words beside your comments: “Enter Me“, so I know you are interested to enter. Closing date: 31st Aug 2016. I will come back and draw a winner on 1st September. Giveaway is open to worldwide friends with a valid shipping address.
Please Leave me some form of email or blog link so I can contact you, if you win the items. thank you. 


I’ve made this too!!!

You can check out the free pattern here.

So farewell my dear friends, I hope to pop by again sometime in the mid-month and talk to you more. Maybe more crafting next time and less nagging.. Okie dokie.. signing off now..

14 thoughts on “Hello August… and finally I’m proud to say….

  1. Enter me! I am so pleased to hear that you survived your first year and that things are looking up. The photo of the shop and the yarns looks lovely. You can contact me at salpal1 (a)t earthlink (dot) net if I am lucky enough to win!

  2. Such a sweet and cozy yarn shop 😀 ❤ Sounds like the first year was well spent; you learned so much about your business, customers and gained a most beautiful quality; patience. You truly are blessed to have such a caring life partner, Angela, and sincere friends!
    I wish you all the very best 😀 I'd love to visit your shop if I travel to Singapore.

    The yarn sounds lovely, please enter me!

  3. Well done! You are living a fantastic dream, wishing you all the best for the next year with your business. Please enter me into the draw too.

  4. Well done on surviving the first year! Hopefully things will get even better and better with each year.
    I’m not a knitter myself but I think with any business the key is to be helpful. If you don’t stock something, let the customer know where they can source it or offer to order it in. I work in a small bookshop and we can’t hold the stock the larger branches do but we do pride ourselves on being able to order or find a source for most things.

  5. Congratulations on the anniversary of your shop. I sincerely hope your next year is even better than the last. Since I already have more yarn, and spinning fiber, than I can use in the next five years, I will pass on the giveaway. 🙂

  6. I’m not really into grey but glad to hear that you have survived the first year and it looks like you have a lovely lot of stock now. So Good Luck for the future.

  7. Angela, congratulations on your 1 year. I know that you are working hard to make your shop what you want it to be. It takes time and you are doing great. I wish I lived closer, I would stop by your shop often and sit and stitch with you. Don’t let other people make you feel bad for what you have accomplished. I wish you continued success and much happiness. (((Big Hugs))) my friend.

  8. Congratulations on your first year in business! The first one is always the hardest as there’s so much to learn. You have done so well and the fact that you have returning customers is testament to that. May your success continue for many years to come.

  9. Enter me please! I am in Singapore, I crochet, cross stitch and quilt…. so glad to have more resources in Singapore, rather than always looking overseas. In case you’re not able to contact me, my alternative address is mnma2003[at]hotmail[dot]com (please replace accordingly :))

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