Promise Me…

Hello and big wave to blogging land & Friends,

How are things on your side? Thank you all for your kind comments and enthusiasm in my last post. The winner to the giveaway has been announced~ The Biscornu set goes to Claire93. And I hope she already gotten the package by now. 😉

As for me, many good things have been happening over here. (ok.. maybe not many but one or two good ones.. I try to count those little happiness and blessings.. 😉

First off.. I’ve completed this lovely quote (designed by Lizzie*kate) from Winnie the Pooh. yes..
602e0c23e013f47e48d8f78f5ffd7c51Fancy getting some life quotation from  Pooh Bear heehee.. anyhow, I adore pooh bear very much and of course the design by Lizzie*kate has no pooh bear inside.. heehee.. 😉 but contains these powerful words.


I totally love this quote and I’m going to frame it. (sorry that the cloth looks alittle messy, as I was so excited taking a picture without thinking of ironing it). The other good piece of news is that, I finally got hold of Lizzie*Kate sales executive and I’m able to stock some Lizzie*kate cross stitch kits and chart in my small Needlework shop soon. Yeah!!!
(For sometime, after I wrote to them, no one seems to reply me, and I was starting to wonder maybe they are not interested in overseas Business or something). So if you are like me, (crazy for Lizzie*kate), you can check out my website for more Cross stitch items.

Speaking of Cross-stitching, do you know that 30th July is World Embroidery day? As I read this year’s Manifesto, I must say, I can relate to what has been written on it. And I count my blessings and lucky stars to be part of this stitching industry with many great friends and business associates I’ve met so far. If you are interested to find out about the full Manifesto, go have a read here. The heading starts off like that:

The other point which I want to share is this : “To embroider is a peaceful occupation. It can be traditional made from a common remembrance, drawn designs, from a pattern, or from your own imagination. You embroider for joy, beauty, decoration and for the creation of identity”

Don’t you guys think so? Do you feel the sense of peace when you stitch? Embroidery is really a peaceful thing for me too. It really calms my nerve down. It is like, after a crazy day, once I start picking up my needle and stitch, I can forget about what had happened. And with the continuous motion, I found peace and be able to sit and stitch for many hours. 🙂

I can really feel this amazing power of stitching. –> yah maybe like this mouse here.. heeheemouse

And if you are thinking of ordering any Cross Stitching Items over my site, I’m running a Promotion from now till 31t July 2016. Just key in this promo-code CCLO5001RZIQ (and take -15% off all cross stitching products).
I wish you find peace and joy in stitching. Till then and hope to speak to you soon. Take care.


10 thoughts on “Promise Me…

    • Thank you Stephanie.. I hope things have been well on your side.. haven’t heard from you for a while.. Guess you must be enjoying summer at this time of the year.. 😉 Happy Stitching

  1. What a wonderful quote to have stitched up. It is a nice one. There are many wonderful quotes from Pooh. There should be a book of them 😉 Your piece is wonderful and it will be nice to have hanging where you can see it everyday. I definitely think that stitching is calming and relaxing. I could stitch for days at a time. At the end of the day, there is nothing like picking up the needle and thread and stitching away the worries of the day. Love it!

    • Thank you Ginny.. I love this one.. and really there should have more cross-stitching phrases.. I truly will treasure this one. 😉

  2. I keep thinking I’ll do that quote; and pop in some of the Clouds Factory characters. And yay for Embroidery Day; it’s a Sunday so I am now planning to hermit & stitch all day long.

  3. Thank you for telling me about World Embroidery Day! I shall be looking that one up. It’s a Saturday in the UK but as I’m not working I shall be able to get some stitching in.
    The AA Milne quote is great and well worth remembering too.

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