Knitting and Crocheting Baby Items

Hello  dear friends, thank you for your kind comments and visit at the last post.

and of course.. Oh Hello June.. what 7 days have passed already??
Wow… seems like half of 2016 has blinked passed like that.

What I can say is that beside knitting up the blouse, I was kept busy with Knitting and Crocheting Baby Items.
This year seems to be a year of baby wonders. And I have been busy knitting Blankets, booties and Mittens.

And Ta-Dah..First up, I’ve used King Cole Smooth DK Linen (1635) to make the base of the shoe and then decorated with a pink trimming. For a baby girl, I made some tiny rose for decoration with leaves.IMG_20160413_192427

And the gift would not be completed without a pair of baby mittens.

IMG_20160419_014734_BURST2The thing with baby booties, I always feel that the baby will out-grew them quite fast and maybe after a while they cannot be used anymore. So the other gift I thought would be useful will be baby blanket.

And I knitted a baby blanket for my dear friend, Gwen who is expecting a baby girl this month and I’m so happy for her. For this project, I’ve used King Cole Drifter Yarn (Princess-1376) for this project. The pattern of the blanket is really easy. You can see that is a row of stockinette stitches, followed by diamond pattern. I did a repeat of 3 times to create a patchwork effect. heehee.. I can assure you that even if you didn’t attempt the diamond pattern and just do a series of stockinette stitches, the effect of the yarn will just turn out well. What I love about this yarn is that there is this flowery band when the yarn turns to the white colour. It is like the white yarn has some dots of green, orange, pink mixed in and when you knit, it create this awesome effect. I’m totally awed by it.
IMG_20160531_101323 IMG_20160531_101328


Last but not least, it is this blanket which I have started sometime last year ‘Dec and has been working on/off for 6 months for my best friend from uni. This is her 2nd baby boy and I’m so happy for her when she told me she is pregnant for the second time. So I went on to find this pattern–> and found this (The Royal Look Baby Shawl)
you may find the pattern here. As for the yarn I’ve used King Cole Cherish White 1410.

This is how it looks like that after I’ve completed knitting it :

IMG_20160531_102657 IMG_20160531_102734IMG_20160531_102721What I can say is that for this pattern;
The main body of the blanket is easy to accomplished.  But what has been holding me back was the 4.4m long in lace border. (Oh and I forgot to mention that I need to sew that in too.. )

As you can see from the photo from the extreme right.. yes.. that is the lace border (which by the way measured only 5cm in length on 4mm needles after 20 rows of pattern). I did a quick mental calculations, that is actually 88 times of 20 rows of repeat. Yes.. that’s how much work and time that has done to this piece of work. Maybe I’ve chosen a pattern more than I can chew, but.. wait.. what I can say is that I felt tremendous rewarding after I’ve completed it.
It is like, (I can’t think of a word) YES, I finally completed and conquered this pattern. This is more of an enduring knitting project than anything else. It is like, finally I’ve completed this marathon knitting process. Yes.. instead of finished running it.. I finished knitting it.. LOL

The pattern is not tedious or anything.. is just that I had to build this piece to the measurement of 1 m by 1 m in total length and width with the 4.4m of lace border around it. 🙂
And Guess what.. what has meant to be a gift for a new-born turned out to be a present for a 5 month old baby. Oh well.. better late than never.. and my best pal love it so much that she is more thrilled than me. Heehee~

Oh well.. so much for my journey in Knitting baby items. I always feel a blanket is needed for the little one.. maybe he/she will use it for a while.. maybe it will turn into a security blanket or something later when they reach the toddler age? But for the most practical reason.. I wish these blankies will keep them warm as they grow up healthy and strong. 😉

linus blanketso tell me.. what will be your favourite handmade gift for a new-born? I would very much love to hear what you like to make for these little ones. Hope to hear your thoughts and till the next time my dear friends.



12 thoughts on “Knitting and Crocheting Baby Items

  1. What adorable booties and mittens! I love, LOVE the baby blanket pattern – I must add this to my collection. All are absolutely gorgeous. What precious gifts for your friends. I usually knit a baby blanket for the new mother….I still have one that was crocheted for Sarah when she was born – plus the one I knitted for her. And I found an embroidered blanket that was made for ME (COUGH!) many years ago by a friend of my mother’s. Family heirlooms – all. Have a great rest of the week, my friend.

  2. What a clever yarn and lovely blankets. I am more into crochet blankets myself. I have always been one for knitting baby jackets. I didn’t knit much when I had my babies but each one was knitted a jacket. (My mother was so much better than me!)

  3. I love all these baby gifts – the booties are so girly 🙂 I have made two small baby blankets for friends. Nothing too fancy but I did enjoy the process.

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