My Knitting and Crochet Work… So far

Hello my dear friends and readers.

I had a great rest day yesterday. (Yes, My rest days are Mondays instead of the Weekends.) I guess, I longer experienced the Monday Blues. I kind of look forward to Mondays, as I can finally get a full day of rest. Hubby and myself went out for a cycling trip down the Marina Bay area. Things started out well, sunny and while we were cycling back to our car, the weather started to change. SIGH! you can just see those huge rain cloud coming and it started pouring. I wanted to capture some beautiful sun-set pictures, but, sorry I can’t as I got to cycle hard back to the car before things get muddy. Oh well. what a day out. Maybe next time then.

Last Friday, I finally had the chance (thanks to the good weather) to take my knit and crochet work out for photo shoot. Yay!

First up is this top which I’ve knitted using Sublime Egyptian Cotton yarn (tarragon) No. 388. You may Find the pattern here. (Just save the pattern first, as sometimes Sirdar will change their free leaflet page)
The pattern is from Sirdar and the challenging part was the neckline with all the lace work. ~Phew.
Of course you got to knit two pieces cos’ of front and back. as for the main body part, I did it on Circular needles (yes I’m lazy to sew the seams up) instead.

angela-rainbow-shawl-2016may angela-rainbow-shawl-2016mayb angela-rainbow-shawl-2016mayc

The next one is a lacy shawl and I’ve used yarn from the US. It is a hand-dyed yarn and I totally love the colours and how each line just is just *wow*.. really mind-blowing. Β You may see from the picture after knitting it there is a set of rainbow colours showing. I totally love this piece. I am soooo going to knit more using this kind of yarn now. I’m not sure how to explain it but the satisfaction is beyond words.

angela-yellowtop-2016mayLast but not least, I also did some crochet too. Just nice for the summer (okie, everyday is really summer here).
You may find this lovely (highly textured) pattern here. Β This time, I’ve used Sirdar Cotton (Citrus 531)Β for this project. The crochet stitches are quick and I have to say this is really a very simple and easy project to do.
You got to do it over 2 pieces and then sew the seam up. I cannot see how we can (or if you figure out) work in rounds. I would really want to do that.. cos sometimes I’m so lazy in sewing things up.

So that’s all my knitting and crocheting work so far. There are some small ones which I did.. emmm.. but I guess.. I really need some time out to take pictures and show you soon. πŸ˜‰

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week ahead. πŸ™‚


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