Reflection… (and thank you lucky stars)

Hello friends,

Thank you new friends who has just joined us in this crafting journey. Sorry that I have been quiet for the past month. Things had been a little hectic here. I’m happy that I’m able to find some time today and sit down in front of my laptop and typed out all that I can remember during this past month.

First off, I had great fun with Kim over at Wisdom with Needle and Thread. Kim was visiting Singapore last month and is my honor to have the opportunity to meet this wonderful lady in person. Kim is the first person from sooooooo far away (really far away) a blogging friend whom we share common interest and finally we MET in person. It is really surreal. I don’t know how to describe the feeling. It is like this person pops out from the internet and there she is, with all her kindness and smiles. I’m really happy her. I brought her around the city center and also had great time over lunch. Interesting thing is that I didn’t know that she has not done crocheting before and we had a fun session doing crocheting. Kim really picks the art of hooking very fast. And, I’m happy to announce there’s another “hooker” in town now. Heehee! yes we are just “hooker” hooking away.

And Lovely Kim brought along all these beautiful gifts. I’m loving the wooden plaque and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart. It is the logo of my shop and also those beautiful charts which are hard to find. Thank you my dear friend from afar. Till we meet again.


Speaking of gifts from afar, I also want to thank Ginny from My Time Stitching for all these stitching goodies. What lovely handmade cards and a store exclusive stitching kit! Yoohoo! These are really beautiful gifts from afar and I totally adore the magazines. Thank you my dear friend.

And I have been thinking and reflecting during this period too. If you have followed me for a while, you may notice that I’ve almost come to one year of opening my dream shop. (For new friends who just join us, you may read more here.) The dream shop which I hope to sell (and stock) many beautiful yarn and cross stitch items. And also share these beautiful items with my students and customers.
It had been a huge learning curve for me this past one year.
From my teaching methods to crafting styles and also my taste for craft items. I feel I have picked up many ideas and tips from my customers, friends and students.

Last weekend, I celebrated my one year of survival (I was hoping for champagne) but we had cake and gift exchange instead. 😉


And I want to thank all my lovely friends, if not for them who has constantly encouraging me and enjoying crafting together, maybe I may not have survived my first year.  Thank you for always turning up for our meet-ups and having tea and coffee (3-in-1 style) with me. *crossing fingers that I hope to own my first set of nespresso machine soon* LOL


Last but not least, if you are wondering if I have been crafting lately. I must say not too much like how and when I like. But I have been doing some embroidery (really practicing hard here) to tie up with Etsy Summer Craft session worldwide. It seems that during 17-19th June worldwide (you may check your own location), there will be an Esty craft party near where you stay. Read more herecraftysgsummerpromowishiwerestitchingeventbrite
This is all made possible all thanks to CraftySingapore kind invitation and encouragement. This team of super creative and craft-loving friends have been helpful in helping me sell my tickets. And I’m really proud to announce for the first time (really) within 2 weeks the tickets have been fully sold out. Yippee.. all those hard work have been paid off. And sometimes, I will think of the hard time creating this mini beauties for lesson. Now, I’m just looking forward to the party.

If you have missed this session, look here for more sessions. I will teach more embroidery stitches in this session and students will receive 2 mini hoops instead of one ;).

~phew what an update. And I truly thank my friends and lucky stars for helping me stay sane and afloat.
Thank you for your blessings and  encouragement.
I will strive hard and hopefully this dream of mine will stay longer and cheers to many crafting adventures ahead.

18 thoughts on “Reflection… (and thank you lucky stars)

  1. Angela, you are truly what your name implies – “Angel”. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you – I felt like we’d known each other forever. CONGRATULATIONS on your first year anniversary with your shop! May you celebrate many more. Hugs from your friend from afar –

    • Thank you Kim.. thank you for coming to visit.. and I really hope we can meet again in September/October. see you soon.. 😉

  2. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary of your shop! Sounds like it has been an awesome year for you and I wish you many more. If I ever get to Singapore, I will definitely be visiting your shop. Sounds like a nice place to hang out and stitch 🙂 So glad your package arrived. Enjoy all the goodies!

  3. A bouquetful of congratulations on celebrating your one year anniversary! So thrilled for you 🙂 And I’m so glad you got to meet a fellow blogging buddy. That must have been so exciting. And Ginny too is anot absolute gem 🙂

    Here’s wishing you much much more success with your shop! God bless! 🙂

  4. congrats – gosh time flies – saying that all is great and may it be for many years to come – hugs / kisses and best wishes always 🙂

    • Thank you frilka.. yes. time really flies.. and I’m also praying and hoping many good years to come soon. 😉
      I got your cute postcard. Thank you my dear.. we’ll speak soon.

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