My First Round Robin

Big Hello to all.. Thank you for your ideas and helps from the last post. Yes.. I finally got all the links back and posts back. OMG! what a nightmare to stir away from this wordpress site. I think at the time being, all remains the same. I will not try anything new until later when I’m more confident with all my HTMLs. Oh well.. I kind of suck at that. LOL

On a lighter note, how many of you have done a Cross Stitch Round Robin before? I did my first one last year sometime nearing end of September. It is supposed to be a Christmas Theme. Β I had the opportunity to work with Cross-stitchers from other Countries. Happy that the piece had traveled from US to UK to Croatia and back to Singapore.

And I’m sure you are excited to see the final result…. Ta-Dahhhh.


Hello Upside-down angel


See all the goodies that came back with the piece

From the picture, you can see that I did the top right hand corner with the word “Joy”, Ms M from Croatia stitched the “Peace Dove” and Ms L from UK stitched “Father Christmas”, lastly Ms S from USA stitched an “Angel”.
If you are wondering is you see it wrongly.. Nope you did not.. One of the Stitcher kind of stitch the Angel upside down.. lol.. πŸ˜› yes.. things like that does happen.. lol..

So.. you must be wondering that this piece is ruined? Nah.. nothing is ruined here. I don’t blame anyone. Things like that will happen. It is just how we going to deal with it. So for me.. I turned each of them into a beautiful Christmas Ornament. Viola… I love making these ornaments. I’m just a little sad that it can’t stay in a piece for me to frame and hang up. Oh well. There is a “First” time for everything and I guess, the next time we will always do better right. That’s what crafting is all about. Practice always makes perfect. If you are starting a new Round Robin, please let me know and I would love to join in. πŸ™‚


The lovely Christmas Ornaments from my 1st Round Robin

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    • heehee.. Thank you Debbierose. I once saw this pattern which requires lighting bubbles for the side of the ornament. I hope to try it one day.. heehee.. πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you Ginny. maybe I always believe the saying ” look for the rainbow in the rain” LOL.. hopefully the next RR i will have everything in one piece.. *praying hard*

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