Happy Needle Tatting

Hello friends..

Happy November, OMG… I can’t believe Halloween just passed like that.. I hope you are not too sick with all the sweets, chocolates and Reese peanut buttercups… I had them and they are really Yummy.. 😉

The early days of November had been cool.. and I love it..there’s also some slight rainy days especially in the evening.

Also, lately, I find myself not writing and updating my blog much. Is just that after my “work” I just didn’t have much energy left. I felt my time is being “suck” into all these knitting and stitching. Not that I don’t like it.. is just that… I think I need to slow down a little, breath in more and take time to relax and maybe do other things than knit and stitch. LOL.. Like updating the blog and also visiting my blogging friends. Just need to be organised here again.

So just last Monday, I Finally have an Off day… Yes.. An off day all to myself. I stayed at home and picked up Needle tatting. LOL. I know.. needlework again. I just can’t stop right. I wanted to shuttle tat for the longest time.. But, I just can’t wrap my head around it. So I picked up Needle tatting by watching some You-tube videos.

And I’m proud to say… (I finally understand what double stitches, picot, chains and rings means) LOL.. took me a while to get through all these new terms. Anyhow.. I’m happy to show you something which I’ve made..
tah-dah.. Some little flowers I’ve made with needle tat. I absolutely love it.. 😀


What do you think? I think I got to work on those tension.. It looks a little loose right? Oh well. I’m off to blog hopping ( my favorite activity) and see what you guys are up to lately. Have a great weekend ahead. 😉

14 thoughts on “Happy Needle Tatting

    • Hi Ginny.. happy to hear from you.. and yes.. I’m happy to be able to find some “Me” time to pick up something new.
      Wishing you a happy thanksgiving day and have a great feast tonight. 😉

    • heehee.. thank you.. you are really kind.. How have you been? Haven’t hear from you for a while..
      yes, I’m having fun with this technique.. hope to do more soon. 😉

  1. They both look lovely. I’d heard of tatting before but didnMt know what it was. It’s hard keeping up with blogging and everything else at this time of year. Have a good weekend.

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