Crochet or Knit a leaf

Happy Tuesdays my dears,

Hope your weekend has been well. We had such a busy Saturday crocheting or knitting leaves. and I’m really excited to share with you this Yarn-bombing event which I’ve recently chanced upon. Of course, I gathered some friends this time for this event. we had so much fun making the leaves.
IMG_1940See below for our completed projects. We have completed our leaves and sending off Β to Australia.

And we invite you to Crochet or knit a leaf for a cause in Australia.
Crocheted leaves have to sent in by 13th SeptemberΒ and knitted leaves by 20th September. The patterns are really easy and we made a couple of leaves within 3 hours.
You need to work as the pattern stated on the website and work in blue or green shade. For more details read here.

Happy knitting or crocheting. πŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “Crochet or Knit a leaf

  1. What fun you must have had, hope all is going well with the shop. I have been so busy this year I have not had the time to keep up with everyone in blogland but am pleased to report I think things are easing up a bit so I look forward to following more closely.

    • Glad you had some time to stop by.. and I’ve been bad not keeping up with everyone on Blogging Land.. I hope you’ve been healthy and I look forward to read more of your adventures too.. πŸ˜‰

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