Knit a Cable Hand-phone Pouch

Hello friends and readers,

Happy Thursday… woohoo! weekend is coming soon :D, how exciting.

I knitted this lovely pink cable Handphone pouch and I totally love it. The technique of cable knitting is surely elegant and fun to knit with. The gold button I found in my button treasure box, can’t remember who sent it to me. But I just love the look of it. What do you think? Best part, it can fit my i-phone. Heehee.

IMG_3658 IMG_3659

I will be sharing this loving technique of cable-knitting with students and if you are keen to pick it up, check more details here.

I’m going to work on my stitching along soon as I’m sooooo lagging behind. Till then my friends. ~Bye and wishing you peace and happy stitching as always.


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