Happy Birthday My Singapore

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore.

My Most heartfelt thank you and best wishes for you in the many years to come. I may or may not be here to witness the next best 50 years (LOL.. by then I’m already in my 80’s).
From the bottom of my heart, I wish you, dear Singapore to stay strong, beautiful and green as always. Cheerios.

Below are my 50 favoruite things to love about Singapore.
(Please note: These are MY own list, as I’m born here and lived here for the past 30 years.)

  1. Places to visit: National Museum, Arts Museum, Sungei Buloh Nature’ Reserve
  2. Flower: Orchid, the national Flower
  3. Local Fruit: Mangosteen
  4. Bird: Crimson Sunbird (our national bird) and the Blue Collar King Fisher
  5. Animal: Inuka (The First Polar Bear born in the Tropics, Yes is in the Singapore Zoo)
  6. Tree: Banyang Tree
  7. Library: The National Library
  8. Theatre: The Esplanade
  9. Buildings: The Asian Civilization Museum, The Victoria Concert Hall
  10. Hawker Center: Old Airport Road Food Center
  11. Street: Amoy Street and Haji Lane
  12. Park/Garden: Botanical Garden
  13. Museum: The Peranakan Museum
  14. Bridges: Helix and Cavenagh
  15. Reservoir: The MacRitchie Reservoir
  16. Childhood Game: Zero-Point and 5 Stones (Pretty good at it πŸ˜‰
  17. Bookshop: Woods in the Book and Books Actually
  18. Art Shop: Art Friend
  19. Coolest Place to be seen: Dempsey Hill
  20. Hotel Lounge: The Intercontinental Hotel.
  21. Local rice-dish: Chicken rice
  22. Local Noodle Dish: Wanton Noodles
  23. Local Cold desserts: Ice kachang and Cheng Teng
  24. Local Hot Dessert: Tau Suan (sweet mung beans)
  25. Tibits: Mamee Monster (A Noodle Snack)
  26. Candy: White Rabbit Candy
  27. Local Cold drink: Bundung
  28. Hot Drink: Tei-C (Tea with evaporated milk)
  29. Local Pastries: Tu-Tu kueh, Thousand Layer Kueh
  30. Local Biscuit: Gem Biscuit, Soda Biscuit
  31. High Tea: Served in Fullerton Hotel
  32. Local T.V Channel: Okto
  33. Local Music Stations: Class 95fm, and Lush 99.5fm
  34. Local Author: Catherine Lim
  35. Local Singer: Kit Chan
  36. Language: Singlish (LOL, I can speak Huh, Loh or Meh here and people still understand what it is πŸ˜‰ )
  37. Club to party in: Zouk
  38. Shopping Centre: Ion
  39. Cinema: Shaw Lido
  40. Beach: East Coast Park
  41. Beach Bar: Tanjong Beach Club
  42. Outdoor Arts Activity: Ballet Under the Stars
  43. MRT line: Circle Line (it brings you to most places)
  44. Bus Route: 14 (it takes you from the east to west side and pass by the city area)
  45. Cycling route: Cycle from Safra Country Club at Tanah Merah and towards Changi village
  46. Attire: wearing a pair of flip-flop, shorts and t-shirt and people don’t judge you, cos they know is just hot here and we are beating off the heat. πŸ˜‰
  47. Beautiful Evening View: Over at Maria Bay
  48. Salutations/Greetings : I call everyone I know older than myslef “Uncles” and “Aunties” and I don’t get “Stare” back
  49. Mascot: Singa the Lion
  50. National day Song: Homehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTkVG6lWvwY

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  1. Happy Birthday Singapore! We were Little Children together! I lived there from 1969 to 1971.
    My most vivid memories are of The Tiger Balm Gardens.

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