Small SAL (stitching along) June Check In

Hello Friends and readers..

OMG… Time flies ehhh.. and I apologies for being quite this week. Reason been I had been busy with the Shop and I’m going to post some pictures after this Post.

Yes.. I didn’t forget about Small SAL checked in, I’m just being slightly late.

And as you may have guess from the picture.. Yes, I started Christmas Stitching Already.

I wanted to leave you the Link back to this SAL which Started back in 2012, however, it seems that the owner has removed the blog link already. But if anyone know how I can link it up, please let me know and I’m always happy to put a link back.

So this is it. Merry And Bright.. and OMG.. 6 more months to Christmas. Yes, I’m counting down already.


And as you can see, I’ve been working on this for quite a while now. There are about 9 panels (including this) to stitch. I’m down with 2 more and I’m really hopping to have it frame up soon.

Happy Stitching always.


9 thoughts on “Small SAL (stitching along) June Check In

  1. Your Christmas stitching is so sweet. I admire you for always getting your Christmas stitching in early. I want to be you when I grow up 😉

    • heehee.. i just love Christmas hence starting early.. if not I will have many undone things.. alll.. me too.. I wanna be sitting next to you to have some stitching inspirational 😉

  2. This looks lovely! It is never too early to start the Christmas stitching! You’ve got me in the Festive mood now…I might have to dig out a little Christmas project to work on!

    • heehee.. yes.. christmas always starts early for me.. i just love it.. hope to see some of your festive stitchery soon. 😉

  3. It looks lovely. I never get all of my stitching done for Christmas but you have inspired me to start extra early and try and get my cards done early this year.

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