Calling all friends in Knitting and Crocheting

Hello dear friends and readers,

I’m happy to announced a great cause by Swan Fund. They are collecting knitted or crocheted scarf for their cause in Northern Thailand. Your handmade items will bring warmth to children and adults living in the area. Swan Fund aims to collect 500 pieces of hand-made items by September.

The specification of the knitted or crocheted scarf is as below
(please follow this if you are going to donate your item):
If you are located in Singapore, you may hand in your completed scarf as below:

If you are located overseas, please send your item to “Weiya”, address as indicated in the poster.

So what are you waiting for, bring out your hooks and knittings needles and start working.
And I’m happy to donate my first completed Child’s Scarf~ Yohooo 😀
IMG_1630Happy Knitting and Crocheting everyone!


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      • Hi I’m sorry but I’m new to knitting so I don’t quite understand you. Could you please give more details? (:

        • Hi sorry that you are confused by it.. This pattern is done by crocheting NOT knitting.. Hence dc means double crochet and ch means chains

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