Currently I’m knitting…

Hello friends and readers,

Happy mid-week. What have you been crafting lately? To be honest, I’ve kind of lost my knitting mojo for a while :/. I’m really not sure why. Maybe I’m just being choosy with the project or maybe I just don’t have the yarn which I want to knit (though the truth is I got too many skeins of yarns seating around, we are looking at each other every day). Okie.. or maybe I just lazy..

The knitting spirit came back again when I chanced upon this knitting book (will reveal later) in the library and totally love the pattern. I started knitting, and of course frogging also. Cos’ I realized that row 4 had some mistakes written and I’m poor with reading the knitting charts. Seriously.. can someone tell me what good is a knitting chart with all those different symbols.. then I felt like I’m a detective and needs to encode them before I can knit. Not sure if anyone feels this way.. But I would like to hear your thoughts. Then I got to learn quickly and understand what all these knitting charts is about.
After frogging and then re-doing everything again… this is how the lace knitting looks like:

There’s seems to be 3 parts to the work, the first panel will be the boring knit and purls, then followed by these, which looks like some knit of knotting, but in actual fact is done by (knit 3, yo, ssk)x 2 at all right and wrong side. I was pretty amazed by how this can be done. 😀
Then the final part looks like this, is like a vine lace pattern..
I totally love this lace work.


The question is… Can you make a guess on what Am I actually knitting? Or what will be the finished knit item be? To be honest the lace patterns takes 40 rows to make it and I’ve got to go 16 times to grow this piece of work. And I’m only at 11 times of the 40 rounds… so Mathematically speaking.. more knitting to go.. So if you don’t hear from me till I’m not sure when, you know what I’ve been busy with. OKie dokie, we’ll chat soon.


22 thoughts on “Currently I’m knitting…

  1. It looks really impressive. I can’t knit at all so when i see work like this I am in awe!

    • thank you lundygirl.. i’m also still learning.. there’s so many knitting terms to learn and try out.. hopefully you may fun joy in knitting one day. 😉

    • heehee.. thank you azurachan.. hope you will master it one day too.. I’m also still learning.. there’s so many things to learn in crafting.

  2. Your knitting project is beautiful! I love it! And the color is awesome and the yarn looks so soft. I think maybe you are making a shawl? Can’t wait to see the finished project.

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