“Five stories, five photos” #5

For “Five stories, five photos” #5, I bring you back to 2008 when I visited Egypt. During the visit, I had an opportunity to climbed Mt. Sinai. The climbed started in the middle of the night like 12am, so we can reach the mountain top before sunrise. I was really keen for this climb and had been looking forward to it. At the start of the climbed, we were told that the temperature is cold and if we don’t want to go is better to give up now rather than mid-way.

I had my gears all prepared and went ahead anyway… The climbed was peaceful. However, at times, you will be asked to keep to the side, as we were sharing the path with camels with tourists sitting on them. Other than that.. nothing keep the spirit down.
I kept myself awake by chatting with my friends and also trying to make out the constellation in skies. Before we know it. I reach the top before sunrise, I remember something like 5am+. A short climb of less than 6 hours, and this was what I snapped at the top of Mt. Sinai. You can see the Moon still hanging in the skies while daylight is breaking soon. What a beautiful sigh.

Mt Sinai“Today is your day! Your Mountain is waiting. 
So… get on your way.” By Dr. Seuss

And this wraps up my journey in 5 stories, 5 photos.
I hope you have liked the selections so far. Happy May to you.

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  1. Wow, Angela! … a gorgeous photo and wonderful experience for you to have reached the pinnacle by dawn! As well, the fitting climax to your 5-day photo challenge! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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