“Five stories, five photos” #3

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Happy Mid-week..

For my 3rd post on this tag…

Copenhagen 2011 April 126::Cherry Blossom::

This photo was taken in 2011, in a park in Copenhagen. I totally went nuts looking at it and how Spring has brought in such a beauty after a long haul of winter.
One day, I wish I could visit Japan and really have fun under the
Sakura Trees

And before I go off today, I invite you to visit Kim’s blog. Please click here.
Kim is a talented craft-maker and I love popping by her site and check for inspiration. Love her work and her stitching is always stunning and beautiful. Hope you will stop by and be inspired by her work. 😀

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    • No problems.. you’ve really been a great source of inspiration to me.. and I love visiting your blog.. Hope you got my message earlier on (left 1 on your post) big hugs

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