Doll Village~Nagoro, Japan

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I have something to share with you. Sometime last week I had a chance to watch this documentary~ Dolls Village. You can read more about it here. The situation is that this village, Nagoro is slowing disappearing. There used to be 300+ residents living in the village and what’s left now is 31 people with the youngest being less than 5 years old.

Source: Daily Mail (UK) Ms Tsukimi Ayano stitching up a doll

For the last 10 years, Ms Tsukimi Ayano has been replacing the deceased or departed with these life-size dolls made with straws and old clothing. Well the truth is that, now there are more dolls “roaming” in the village than the human beings.

Source: The Guardian

As the document goes on, something caught my attention when I saw this. It was a classroom filled with dolls and even the teacher is a life-sized doll.
I really had a mixed feeling where the students and teachers are replaced by dolls. I can feel the emptiness in the school where I imagine it to be busting with activities and energy in the past.

Source: (Dolls sitting outside shops)

In a way, Ms Tsukimi has generated many publicity in this disappearing village. Now tour buses and tourists are coming to see her work of art. Towards the end of the programme, I’m happy to see the villagers coming together to work on the dolls, and displaying them around the village.
Yet, at the same time, I’m feeling sad that the village will really disappear in 10 years time. I’m not sure how to feel at this point. Is there something like that happening else-where too. Are you aware of a disappearing village? What are the villagers doing and can we help?
These are my thoughts this week… I would really like to hear your views too.

9 thoughts on “Doll Village~Nagoro, Japan

  1. I find that school house rather creepy! It sent a chill down my spine.
    We have a different problem here. Too many people are buying houses in small villages as holiday or weekend homes. Then only visiting sometimes and don’t put much into the local economy. They don’t work there or spend their money locally except on a fancy restaurant meal which the locals couldn’t afford.
    As a result local people can’t afford to buy in their home village and have to move away.
    We also have what we call “dormitory towns” where everyone works in the city and commutes to work, leaving the town or village empty during the day.

    • Hi Jo.. yup me too.. When I watched the documentary.. I find it creepy too.. but is also sad to know instead of Children.. is being replaced by dolls..

      interesting to hear about dormitory towns.. something new i learn today. thanks for sharing

    • Hi Kim.. sorry that is rather disturbing to you…. actually to answer to your questions.. i think more people are leaving.. as this town is in the mountains.. and i believe there’s lack of jobs…. thus the low population.

  2. Why are the people moving out? I think it’s sad when communities die. I hope this one gets a new lease of life.

  3. as this town is in the mountains.. and i believe there’s lack of jobs…. thus the low population. Hope so lundygirl.. maybe it will someday..

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