Thank You Mr Lee…

This week has a difficult week for many Singaporeans as we mourn the loss of one of the greatest founding fathers in the Modern History of Singapore~ Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Mr Lee passed away on the 23rd March at 3.18am.

In this tribute post, I want to thank Mr Lee for making Singapore a world-class place to live and work in.
Thank you Sir, for putting Singapore on the World Map. I will remember your ever-lasting contributions in making Singapore a safe, peaceful and secure environment with access to beautiful landscape, housing, clean water, education, health-care and transport system to live and play in. Singapore is truly a place where we can call home. Without your forward-thinking and great planning all these wonderful systems will never happen. We will continue these hard work you’ve left us and will not let you down.

Thank you Sir, you shall be deeply missed.



8 thoughts on “Thank You Mr Lee…

  1. Sorry for Singapore’s loss of Mr. Lee. He has made great milestones for your beautiful country, and now it is up to the citizens to keep those milestones going. Even though he has passed on, hang on to the memories and he will always live on in your hearts. Many heartfelt hugs for your loss…

  2. What an incredible man. I’ve just read the link you provided with his history. He was just starting to shape your country when my family were living there with the British Army. I will ask my parents what they remember of him. They always said what a multi-cultural place it was but how each nationality tended to keep to their own areas.

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