GROW YOUR BLOG & A Giveaway 2015

Hello party-goers, Friends and regular readers

It is great to have you here with me.
Thank you Vicki for hosting and organizing this annual party from 2 bags full and letting us have a chance to blog hop to all the crafty and beautiful blogs out there. (I’m at #76).
Apparently there are over 400+ blogs who has signed up and well there’s really lots of blog hopping going around now.
You can find more information here.

 To all new friends, let me give a small introduction of this blog.
So bring on the drinks and party along.


Hello World,


That’s Me

My name is Angela and I stay in the smallest country in the world, located at the South-East Asia, at the southern tip of the Malaysia Peninsular~ Singapore.
I teach craft like Knitting, Crochet and 
Embroidery to the
local community here in the heart of Singapore.
More information can be found here.

Singapore is about 710km square in size.
Really tiny piece of land with about 5.5 million people
living in this peaceful place.

I love traveling, crafting (especially cross-stitching, knitting and crochet) and reading. I had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth (including UK, Australia, Nepal, Christmas Island, Parts of Europe, Japan and South Korea).
I like the feeling of getting lost in some where out there. Being in a foreign land somehow excites me. I guess, this could be my love for exploring things.
I love the 4 seasons especially Autumn and Spring.
Living in the Tropics had taught me to love and appreciate
the sea, sun and sand too.


I started out this blog about 2 years ago (though I’ve back dated some posts to 2012). Initially, I wanted to joint down the time I spent in UK, like making a small dairy, a record off what I’ve experienced in UK.


Laura & Me, Christmas Market, Nottingham 2012

But I think there were too many beautiful memories to record, and somehow along the way, it had become a personal/craft blog of mine. Over the years, I had fun sharing craft-related ideas and projects with all my friends and readers. And I must say the blogging community had been kind to me over the years.
In this blog, you will surely find happiness reading and following in craft-related projects like cross-stitching, knitting and crochet.


Crochet and Knit Projects


Cross Stitching & Embroidery Related Projects

I must say, since the last party, I’ve grown more confident about my writing style, though, I’m still learning from other bloggers on how to categorized my blog post .

 And Before I end.. I would also like to say that some where along the way, you will have fun joining some giveaways too.
I love to return back to the community and make someone smile when they open their mailbox.

So if you’ve come over via Grow your Blog party or have been a regular friend of this blog, please go ahead and enter your name, introduce to me where you are from and maybe you’ll be lucky to win something from me.
I’ve not really think about what to give yet, but I’ll pick 3 lucky friends this time. It will be mostly stitching or snail mailing related.

I will then do a lucky draw on the 15th Feb 2015 via Random number. Yes, this is open to all to join in and I will ship internationally.

Criteria in entering:
1. Please ONLY comment in this post:
a)your name,
b)where you are from.
c)Please choose either “Stitching” or “Snail-Mailing Set”
2. Please indicate some form of contact, either your email or blog URL so I can contact you if  you win.
3. Closing date: 15th Feb 2015

Thank you for stopping by…


114 thoughts on “GROW YOUR BLOG & A Giveaway 2015

  1. Hi, my name is Angela Perez. I live in Bronx, New York. This is a nice blog. I enjoy it as well as what you do. Its a pleasure know more about you and what you do. If I win something, I would like it to be the stitching set.

  2. Hi, I’m Heather and I’m from NY, NY. I’m so glad that Vicki’s blog hop brought me here! I love your embroidery and granny squares! Should I win I’d be happy to win a stitching-related item please.

    In either case, it’s a joy to be here!

    – afistfuloflemons @ gmail.

  3. What a sweet blog! I’m Rose and I live in very snowy Western New York (we had 7 feet of snow in a snowstorm in November)…. I prefer “snail mail” as I’m not sure what you mean by “Stiching” items… God bless!

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