Gifted Gorgeousness-January Stitching Along

Hello friends and readers,

this is a monthly linking up with Stitching Friends over at Serendipitous Stitching.

For each month, We’ll share on the gifts what we’ve received and we’ll write a post on it. Simple right. I’ve just started my stitching journey and I’ve to say that I’m taking things slowly at this point and there’s not many “gifted” pieces that I can show or share it with you.

So for this month of Jan, I’m showing you a Thread box which I’ve
up-cycled from a box given to me by my Mom.
You can read more about it Β here.Β The cool thing about this box is that there’s this magnetic clasp and I’ve decided to hold my DMC threads in it.


Once upon a time.. all these threads (okie.. very messy) was just stored in a ziplock bag.. Yes.. that’s really not very nice and un-tidy… 😦

Then I saw this stitching pattern in one of the book which I’ve own.. and though.. emmm.. why not use the pattern and use the box which Mom gave me.. and viola.. I’ll have a stitching box.

20140209_194621So I got to work.. and managed to stitch the pattern…


and make it as a cover for the box.


And inside the box… All the threads are winded up, DMC # labelled and sorted out neatly. Heehee… πŸ˜€ Isn’t that organized now? I’m really happy to see all the beautiful colours.

IMG_1252 IMG_1253

So gone are the days with threads hiding in that ugly zip-lock bag and I’m really happy with the outcome of this up-cycling project. Maybe one day… if I ever strike lottery, I will treat myself to a proper wooden box. Woooo..~ that will be so cool to have all these thread stored in there.

Until next time, I will drop by on your blog and see your lovely gifts in Jan.

Till we speak again πŸ˜€


49 thoughts on “Gifted Gorgeousness-January Stitching Along

  1. lovely idea, it’s made the box much prettier.
    You left a comment on my blog but I can’t reply to you as you’re a no-reply blogger. The work that I’d done may have looked like bobbin lace because it is bobbin lace!

    • heehee.. i took some time out in the first week of Jan to sort it out.. the threads were just sitting in this plastic bag.. and i though.. erghhh.. time to get organised here.. heehee.. πŸ˜‰

  2. That is a brilliant idea! I know somewhere in my sewing space I have a little box like this with the magnetic closure. It would be a good size to keep the floss handy for projects I’m working on at present. Hmmm, might just have to do some hunting around!

  3. gosh your threads are lovely and neat ^^
    I never know how to organise mine. whether to do it by colour or by numbers

    • hi Claire.. thank you for stopping over… I saw someone organizing their threads like that by numbers.. so I thought I may do mine like that too.. was keeping the threads in a zip-lock bag and it was a huge frustration to find the colours I need.. hence I spent a few days sorting them out.

  4. oh this is pure delight for my eyes! all those neatly organised bobbins! how adorable! and it’s a beautiful cover too; I did stitch a bird designed by French designers for one of my wooden boxes a few years ago. yours, with a thread, looks much more interesting though. perhaps I should go back to it and update it slightly.. or perhaps stitch an entire new version and switch between the two from time to time.
    thanks for the inspiration!

    • heehee.. i got this pattern from a book too.. and it says french inspiration.. so maybe same author? but it got translate into Japanese instead.. heehee..

  5. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Your gifted threads do count because you will be doing lots of stitching with them.
    The design you chose for the box lid is gorgeous too.

    • heehee.. agree no more.. the thread was just messy in the ziplock bag.. and took me a few days to sort out.. I’m happy all that is done now.. πŸ˜‰

    • heehee..don’t be jealous.. trust me when comes to writing.. i’ve the worst on earth.. :/ so no choice that i’ve spent a little more on the tiny stickers.. heehee..

  6. Your box is great and the stitching on top is lovely! All of those wonderfully colored threads looks so nice and neat and organized now. You must be so happy πŸ™‚

    • thank you Ginny.. I must say.. i still think of that wooden thread box you showed on your post some time ago.. that’s something on my wish list which I’ve been hinting to hubby for a while now.. LOL.. anyhow.. I’m happy with this make-shift one which I’ve upcycle.. until I’ve spare cash for that wooden box.. heehee.. πŸ˜€

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