Mailbox Monday

Hello Friends and readers,

Welcome new friends to the blog.. thank you for joining in my humble space here.

Wow.. seems like a very looooong time that I’ve not updated on the goodies which fly into my mailbox from overseas…

My mailbox has definitely been very happy… I’m seeing some great Christmas Handmade items at this time of the year as well.

So, without further ado.. let me show you what I’ve received from the creative work of some of my lovely friends from the cyberspace.

Firstly, a lovely hedgehog cross-stitched coaster by a lovely friend, Pippa, from UK.
FullSizeRender Thank you for choosing a favorite animal of mine.. I love it so much 😀 The stitching is just so neat and colourful ;). To be honest, I’ve not seen these kind of plastic coasters.. I think it is very unique to make a finished into coaster.. 😉

Next up, Christmas does come early for me!
Lovely Grace from UK sent me a beautiful stitched up stocking and card.
I love the snowflakes on the handmade card too. And the stocking is so well-crafted with my name on it.. Woohoo! Thank you Grace.
I’m hanging it up and hopefully kind hubby will put in something for me before Christmas. LOL..


Lastly, this awesome handmade ornament is sent from Robin, USA.
This came as a great surprised and I totally fall in love with the colour. She had made it so special for me, using baby blue, a touch of silver and snowflake. Well decorated with white pom-pom trims and pearls too.
Robin is sure very creative and this is really a wonderful gift and a keepsake.

So what do you of my lovely received gifts?
Thank you for stopping by and
my dear friends, I hope you have some great mails
in your mailbox this week.
Till we meet again.


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  1. Your pen pals’ embroidery is amazing. The stocking and hedgehog are so cute! The ornament is lovely, too. The colors are so icy and wintry!

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