Knit Chapel Hill (1 of 2)

Dear Friends and readers,

Happy Monday!

Welcome new friends to this humble space of mine. Thank you for following me and Thank you for all your lovely comments and encouragement on my last post. I had fun reading them.

Wow… one week flew by and I can’t believe I left it without any post.  I meant to come back to show you some Spooky Stitching.. But I think I got carried away during my yarn shopping and I started some more knitting… LOL. I think I must have caught the bug again! Normally I will take a break after one piece of textile, but this time, I don’t know where the energy came from…

After I’ve de-stashed some yarns for my last project… I went in and get 6 more skeins. LOL.. I got a lavender colored yarn this time. I’ve not work in this colour before, so not sure how the out-come will be like..

This time, the pattern I got is from this book:
by Kim Dolce~ Dolce Handknits (ISBN:978-60468-013-3)
(you may recognize this title cos, I’ve previous used some other patterns from this book too, you may read more here.)
you may find the pattern here


This is a Vine Lace Pattern (multiple of 9 stitches + 4):
R1 & R3: (WS): Purl
R2:  K3, *YO, K2, ssk, K2tog, K2, YO, K1; rep from * to last st, K1
R4: K2, *YO, K2, ssk, K2tog, K2, YO, K1; rep from * to last 2 sts, K2

See how the pattern only uses 4 rows, but all these YO, I must say makes it very confusing. So the trick is… to put on Stitch Markers as you go along. Put one Marker after you’ve completed any multiple of 9 stitches, as that’s how the pattern call for it. And you will build this up in length and the desired height you want. That’s really a lot of counting to be done.


Phew~ I managed to build it up to ~7″ of lace work. That’s really many stitches!

IMG_0949After which, the patterns call for stocking Knit stitches.. I know this part is where all knitters starts to Yawn!.. LOL.. me too.. I just kept going to build this up and Yay! I completed the back part… 😉 heehee..

And.. now for the front part.. Sigh! this is where everything repeats itself again..

OKie.. I think I better stop here for now.. and I see if I can squeeze in another post sometime this week.

Happy knitting my readers and friends.
Till we meet again.

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      • LoL … likewise, it took me a while to step away from all shades of purple! There’s still a lot of purple in this house, but there used to be mOre! 😉 I’m sure you’ll wear the lavender well 🙂 ❤ ❤

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