Knit Kristina Shell Completed (2 of 2)

Hello Friends and readers,

Happy Wednesday! Yeah, is mid-week. I did promise that I will come back to show you my completed Knit work, so here it is.

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I had to say I got lazy on knitting the second piece, I have actually worked up till 11″ and left the piece on the table for weeks. I think I was afraid to “conquered” the neck shaping part. I had an idea of what is needed to be done in my head, but I was just afraid that I might read something wrong somewhere. So for weeks, the work sat there looking back at me and Me looking back at it. Oh we usually do have all these “looking around” on unfinished projects don’t we.

So I don’t know where I draw the courage to complete this.Β I told myself, I got to finish it and so I pluck up the courage, making sure I’ve read and read the instruction sheet again….And Viola ~ the second piece was completed.


Completed 2nd Piece

I got to say, I had made some changes to the length of the work. The suggested knitted length was at 22″ but I changed to 20″ as to fit my body shape. I also thought that if I had worked longer, then I may have a larger arm hole and the Longer piece may look too bulky on me.

After washing and blocking, I tried it on. OMG. It fit me so well. I’m ecstatic. And I took some pictures to share with you guys. And you can see that the length of the work just sit perfectly well. πŸ˜‰photo 1photo 2IMG_0915

As you can see, the work really fit me well πŸ˜‰ Yeah!!!

I’m glad to have made the changes to 20″. The sewing seam was sewn invisible too. heehee, as you can see from the photo below. πŸ˜‰ The lace-work is just beautiful!

photo 3

I’m happy to have complete this lace work and maybe next time, I got to look for patterns on a circular needle instead. So I will not have to knit separated pieces. I think I’m also lazy to then sew them up too. LOL.


Completed! Yay!

So from this project, I have de-stash about 4 balls of yarn.
Yay!Β Maybe it is time for me to go yarn-shopping again?
heehee..Β Okie, dokie, I got to hit the yarn store now.
I wish you all happiness and a busy week in craft projects ahead.
See you guys soon :D. Ta-Ta


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