A Haunted House

Wooooo… isn’t that Chilly and Spook-tacular title!

I did promise you some “Spooky” Stitching this week.. so here it is…


I’ve stitched using an eveanweave cloth which was given to me by my lovely stitching friend previously. I’m glad to have picked this orange shade instead of my usual cream/white stitching cloth 😀 The black and white colours of the thread just stood out well.

I personally feel the ghost is really cute rather than scary. What do you think?oh and if you wanna stitched this, you may find the free pattern here.

I had fun stitching this and making it into a flat ornament instead of my usual padded ones. I’ve tried my very best to centralized it. Emmm this is my very first attempt, so pardon me if it doesn’t have the polished look.

Okie dokie, back to more “spooky” stitching. I wish everyone a happy week ahead and do watch out this space for more spookiness ;)…


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