Holiday Spirit…

Hello Loveliest readers and friends,

wow.. another week had passed us and how’s things on your side. I was away this past week and I must say it was great to get away for a while. A change of scenery was really great.

I also had fun stitching up some Christmas Ornaments. I must say there are so many free patterns which I’ve found on the internet which are keeping me busy here.

This freebie is designed by Robin Shappell, you may find the pattern here.

The pattern is really easy to stitch that I’ve made 2. One to send away to a friend and the other to stay here. Now the question is.. which design do you like? I’ve made one which is all red, green, white, very classic and tradition colours, the other blue, sliver and white.. which I think I may have used too much sliver.. LOL


I’ve asked Hubby for his opinion as well, and he prefers the blue sliver one. I’ve used gold thread to stitch up the wordings and have stitched it onto felt. Which I think maybe the wordings are kind of “lost” in the light blue.. emmmm…

Anyhow.. would love to hear your thoughts too. I’m signing off now.. I’ve some “spooky” stitching and crafting coming up next. Hopefully I can show by next week, which means I will stop these Christmassy craft for a while. Heeheeh.. OKie friends, Will see you guys next week πŸ˜€




21 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit…

  1. I think I prefer the blue and silver one too πŸ™‚ But I think it would’ve been better if it had been finished in the same way as the other one, as a rectangle rather than a triangle. But they’re still both very lovely πŸ™‚

  2. I’m going to be sitting on the fence and saying I like them both for different reasons. I like the blue because I think it is more unique and pretty, but I love how traditional the other one is and I’m a sucker for Christmas of old πŸ™‚

  3. I like them both too, the green, red and white wins for me… but only because it’d match my stuff haha!
    The blue and silver is gorgeous though, and I love the shape πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my – decisions, decisions…..I like the red and green one….no, I like the blue one….SIGH. they are both simply lovely.

  5. I like the tree shape of the blue and sliver one. I like them both differently. If the friend won’t know about the two of them, keep the one your hubby prefers and give the other one.

  6. It’s good to see you post again Angela. Drop in on mine again. Crazy stuff I have been posting lately. I figured this morning (you and I must have a psychic connection) that you must be into your mail art so much, since it has been so long since I heard from you!!!! Good post. Your stitchery looks beautiful!!!!

  7. My first thought was to prefer the blue and silver one as I liked the shape and I love blue and silver together but once I had a close look at both I decided that I liked them both equally! You make lovely things.

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