Congrtulations Jim Parsons & A Lovely Hoop Art

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About 6 days ago, my favourite comedian, Jim Parsons won his 4th Emmy Award for being an Outstanding Lead Actor. Jim Parsons is best known for his role in Big Bang Theory as Sheldon Copper.

I’ve been a big fan of Big Bang Theory and I’m proud to say, I’ve had the opportunity to watch all 7 seasons. Each night, I waited patiently for the T.V. series to start. Hubby and myself will laugh at all the jokes and geekiness of the production. The production is filled with somewhat “nerdy” humor, valuable science tips plus great friendships too. Season 7th just ended recently and I’m hopping to see 8th one soon, as I read in the news that the cast has just signed on another 3 years of contract.. Yoohooo!!!

In season 1 (episodes 11), we were introduced to this lovely tune ~
“Warm Kitty Soft Kitty”

where Penny (starring Kaley Cucoo) sang to Sheldon when he was down with a cold. And the similar tune was introduce again in season 2 episode 21 and season 3 episode 1.

In short, I found this tune very catchy and lovely.. So guess what.. I stitched the lyrics up…. (*crossing fingers that I didn’t make any spelling mistakes*)

I have used DMC 3371 for the wordings and stitched onto wasted canvas over the fabric.. This kind of added some variation to the background.
After which, I’veย added 2 pieces of laces to the top of the hoop.

Made 2 kitty felties.. stuffed them well.. added a tiny ribbon and bell on the neck.

Sewn the Kitty felties to top and bottom… ๐Ÿ˜€IMG_0833 IMG_0835
Hurray!!! A new hoop art on the wall! ๐Ÿ˜€
I hope you had taken time to stitch something you’ve enjoyed this week
or find some meaningful ย work for your hoop art wall.

Happy Stitching to all my
Friends & readers ๐Ÿ˜€



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