Deepest condolence….

photo 3
To Relatives, friends and loved ones of MH 17 victims

One day has passed since the tragedy happened

Words cannot expressed how much this news
had affected all of us here in the South-East Asia.

We are still in shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic News.

The incident seems far away, but it felt like it had hit home.

As I watched and read the news reports on-line on the death of 
283 passengers and 15 crew ,
I’m saddened by how human’s life is fragile and vulnerable. photo 1
Today, the world grieves with the Malaysian people,
and the families and friends of the victims on board
Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

My thoughts & prayers to families of those tragically lost on flight MH17


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  1. We were still mourning over flightMH370, yet this heart breaking news took us all away. Deepest condolence to the family member of the passenggers and crews of flight MH17. 😥

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