Knit Charleston Completed *YAY*

Hello Friends and readers,

Welcome new friends once again to this humble blog. I enjoy reading your comments in the past post 😀 Thank you all.

I had some time off this week and thought, why not get Charleston completed since It had been staying in the WIP-basket for sooooooo long. If you like to read more about Charleston you are most welcome to read more here and here. So I pick it up again, and completed. And I’m proud to show you the whole look.

I’ve completed the very long lace panel, which I got to crochet onto the Cardigan. I must say this really took me a while to complete. The lace panel is really wow.. very technically challenged.

photo 2I’ve also found some pretty gold buttons and added to the cardigan too.

photo 3

And the final look of the Cardigan. Tah-dah… I’ve opt to have a longer sleeves then a 3/4 sleeves. So this is it, isn’t it lovely?

photo 1

I wish you happy Sundays ahead. 😀 Happy Crafting my dear friends and readers.

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38 thoughts on “Knit Charleston Completed *YAY*

  1. The buttons look almost silver to me, but it could be my bias because I love silver-on-purple combinations so much. Beautiful, beautiful piece.

    • sorry for the poor lighting.. the buttons are gold in colours.. and thank you for your encouragement.. 😉 see you around in the blogging world.

  2. Oh wow, well done! It looks lovely, and I’m sure it’ll be very useful to you now that the weather is
    turning colder where you are! Maybe there is hope for me to finish my cardigan one day! (when everything else is done…)

    • thank you for your comment and encouragement.. 🙂 I’m so glad that is completed now.
      you will be able to complete your cardigan and I would like to see it too.. yours look really complex to me.. I will watch your WIP progress.. speak soon. 😉

  3. I love both the colour and the patter!You’ve done a really great job!Thousands and thousands of likes!!!Can’t wait to finished off mine too,the one you saw on my blog,it is the very first I have ever knitted and am so thakful to God to have a generous lady who is helping me… ❤

    • The lace itself is knit.. But I got to crochet the top panel into the cardigan.. 🙂 thanks for your encouragement and comment.. 😉

    • Actually the temperature is hot.., but in shopping malls is like 18 deg Celsius.. We always joke that is better to stay in the malls than at home.. It sure is handy when going out

    • Thank u.. I wanted to try a different color.. My mom thought it was too mature.. Oh well.. Hee hee.. Hope u are well.. And happy weekends to u

    • heehee.. thank you Hannah.. I hope you are well-settled now in your new home.. and how’s things going on your side.. miss your posts.. hope to see you on-line soon. 😉

      • Yes its been very hectic but beginning to settle slowly! Should be back posting within a week *fingers crossed*! I have lots lined up! I’ve missed the blogging community!

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