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Many moons ago, I saw this lovely sewing kit from the SALE basket in one of our local needlework shop. The brand of the kit is something which I’ve not heard off: Vervaco. So I went to Google it and found more about it here. The kit has some instruction sheet like that as below, 2 skeins of embroidery thread and also a piece of muslin like white cloth
photo 3photo 1photo 2
The cool thing is that the muslin-like cloth has already being printed with the pattern and I just got to stitch on it.

Initially, I thought the work got to be done using Satin stitching, however, I was wrong.
I took a closer look at the instruction sheet and found the word Shadow work. Emmm.. I must say is something new to me and I’ve never heard about this before and so I begin to research on what Shadow work is and saw the links here, here and here.

photo 1

White Muslin Cloth with design printed on it

So I followed the instruction, and move forward with the kit.
Shadow work as I read is like some kind of a white-work  and the interesting thing is that the back of the work looks like a herringbone stitches like that. Is really neat to have the back of the work look so tidy like that.

photo 3

Back of the work

So as I sew on the front of the work looks like that:

photo 4

Front of the work

Is like casting a shadow between the fabric, although the front on shows somewhat like a running stitches. Emmmm… the front doesn’t look that pretty eh..
And I’ve managed to complete the work which in the end looks very pretty like that. So delicate and pure looking and I’m really pleased with the end result.

photo 5photo 2
And I must say, the work fits well like a center piece or for guests to use it like a place-mat for tea. What do you think?
Have you lifted anything from a SALE basket before? I would like to hear from you and how have you worked through something new. Till the next time my friends.. and happy crafting.

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17 thoughts on “Shadow Work…

  1. Oh wow, that’s really nice 🙂 I generally shy away from new crafts- I’m already doing enough for a lifetime!, but this might have just inspired me to give something new a chance…

  2. Beautiful!I’m not able to embroider as you do!The only stitch I’m capable of is cross stitch….seeing your nice work I wish I embroidered more and better….

  3. That’s really lovely–it looks like applique but, if I understand what you wrote correctly, you’re doing embroidery on the back that shows through the fabric? Very nice!

    • yup.. you are correct.. the front is like some back-stitching technique and shadow work has the herringbone effect on the back.. and hence.. on thin fabric it looks magnificent with this kind of embroidery.. is something new which i’ve not done before too.. but after researching on-line.. I learn from the other website on this technique.. It only shows on thin kind of cloth/fabric. 😉

    • ohhhh fantastic.. glad to hear that you know about Vervaco kits.. I think we don’t get them here anymore except for this one which I lift it out from the Sale basket. I got to get them on-line now.. 😀

      • I usually get them online too, they tend to be cheaper that way anyway. Amazon do some nice ones, like chunky wool kits. You will probably get through them quite quickly but they are so beautiful when they are done, the texture of them makes them perfect for cushions (unless you have clawing cats like me hehe) 🙂

    • heehee.. me too.. until i lift this item out from the SALE basket.. heehee.. there’s always some interesting thing to find in the SALE basket right?

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