Busy Stitching up…

Hello lovely friends and readers… Happy Wednesday.. wow.. mid-week already.. what are you up to lately?

For Friends in the Southern Hemisphere… Seems like winter has come in full swing for you and wow.. can’t believe the skiing season has opened over at Mt. Hutt, New Zealand.. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Now you know where to go if you’ve been missing Snow 😀 (LOL, especially for someone like me who has lived on the equator for most of my life…. I’ve always been very fascinated with Snow.. 🙂

Courtesy Photo from Mt. Hutt

I’ve been busy stitching up some Snowman ornaments 😀
I’m happy to share the inspiration and links with you.

Jingle bell snowman

“Fa La La” From Plum Pudding Needle Art

Firstly is this Design from Plum Pudding. You may find the pattern here. What I’ve done different is added the bells to the bottom. What do you think about it?

Next, I’ve also stitched up Barbara Ann “Let it Snow” design and added a snowflake charm on it. 😀 Really loving this design.
You may find the free design here.

photo 1

Barbara Ann~”Let It Snow” design

 Happy Winder days to my friends in the South. ~ Enjoy!
(I’m Linking this up for Small SAL over at Stitching Lotus)

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19 thoughts on “Busy Stitching up…

  1. And over here I’m busy melting because I’m wearing hand-knit socks and long sleeves, when it’s ridiculously sunny out! Excellent idea to add the bells to that cross stitch 🙂

    • Oh dear.. I guess summer must have already arrived for u in the northern hemisphere.. While the south is enjoying some coolness now.. For you I guess is Time to switch to shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops 🙂

  2. It’s kind of fun to see Christmas ornaments in June–and they really are cute! On the other hand, seeing snow? I’m not ready for that yet!

    • Hee hee..thanks for your comment and I guess if I’ve been staying in a tropical island like myself all the time.. It will be great to see snow.. On the other hand I heard northern hemisphere had quite bad winter last year and hopefully summer will be great for u.. 😀

  3. it won’t be long and we will start prep for winter crafts…. but for now stitching in a lounger in the garden – what a treat ….. 🙂

    • heehee.. i know is like what 6 more months away.. the days are passing too fast.. I’m dying of heat here.. and I’m dreaming of somewhere cooling.. 😀
      I wish you a happy and successful week ahead. 😉

  4. Beautiful ornaments! I love the bells. I am happy that summer is here for us in the states. This last winter was a doozy for everyone. I am taking each day one day at a time and enjoying the summer days.

    • Thanks… I’m glad u are having fun with summer.. I’m just dying of the heat here in Singapore and thinking of somewhere cold.. 😀

  5. I’m enjoying our short period of heat here in the UK so thinking of snow seems so strange! Although Christmas will sneak up before I know it so I should make a start soon!

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