Charleston Update

Hello dear friends and readers,

Wow.. the weekend just flew by like that again… Gosh.. How’s yours been? I hope is bright, sunny and fun. We had a great time celebrating father’s day yesterday. A simple meal and lots of family time. Too bad my little brother can’t join us, as he is in Laos for a wonderful trip. But he did manage to call back home and speak to dad for a little while. Can’t wait to see little brother back in 2 weeks. I’m sure he has lots of juicy adventure stories to tell us.. πŸ˜€

So, over the weekend, I did quite little craft, except on Charleston project.

For new friends who just joined in and would like to read more on Charleston, feel free to click here.

So Far… The progress has been positive..Yup.. nothing like in the picture yet.. I’ve made up the sleeves and also the other panels as well.. ~phew.. now I remembered why I’ve always love circular knitting than straight needles ones.. :/

photo 1

there are too many panels to be knitting and LOL.. I still got to sew them up later.. Sigh!

And if you are wondering why the cardigan is so short.. is because.. I’ve yet finished the Lace Panel.. So far I’ve only done up to 6″ and I got like 20+inches to go :(.. the lace panel will be crochet into the cardigan later.
photo 2Β That’s all for now.. I hope to complete this soon and.. I’m also happy to tell you.. I bought more yarn over the weekend.. LOL.. very naughty of me.. so more knitting/crochet work coming in later..

I’ll come back soon.. take care everyone.


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