While he was away…

Hello friends and readers,

welcome all new friends, and sorry for the lack of post this week.

Last week, I was home alone, hubby was away to Germany for a business trip. He got back recently and I thought better to catch up with him then to be online. So he was showing me the pretty town of Nuremberg, totally love it, wish I was there to join in the fun.. :/

So while hubby was away.. I was keeping myself busy knitting.. and guess what is this?

Quick Make A guess..

Tah dah….
photo 3photo 2
Did you make a correct guess?? Yipeee.. is a beret.. I’ve sewn in an elastic band (to have the stretchy feeling) to make the beret stay on my head 😀 smart eh!
Not sure it anyone is interested in the pattern. I’m always happy to send you a scan of it to you if you leave me your email. Anyhow, I had so much fun making this and used the yarn I got from last Christmas. There’s some sparkling effect, if you see from the 2nd photo. Yay! finally I’ve been able to de-stash some yarn.  Okie dokie.. I hope to come back with more updates this weekend 😀

Hope to hear from you guys soon.. Happy Crafting.


22 thoughts on “While he was away…

  1. Angela! I get to see what you look like! How cute you look in that very smart beret!!!! I love berets. And I did see the sparkle. I must tell you, I copied your idea of sending a friend a rubber stamp! Such a perfect gift to tuck inside an envelope. I sent my friend a sun. A happy sun stamp. Since her favorite song is “Lucky Ole Sun” by Willy Nelson! Glad your hubby arrived safely home. Sometimes a break is nice, but it is good to have them back, huh?

    • hi hollis.. heehee.. yup.. sometimes I’m so shy to put my face on the internet.. yes.. i’m happy to have my hubby back… was quite worried that he got lost in germany.. (cos he had trouble with taking trains and stuff) but he figured it out and is back in one piece.. thank god for that.. 😀

    • heehee… i got to tell u.. i actually destash one ball and got 6 more… (shhhhhh… cos there was a huge yarn sale recently so I got more instead) very bad of me right.. LOL

  2. hello …. i didn’t guess … i thought it was going to be one of those snoods (i hope that’s how you spell it) … it looks lovely! i guess it will keep you warm and cosy in the winter? kisses and hugs … 🙂

    • ohhh… snoods.. i heard about it.. but have not really made one yet.. heehee.. maybe another knitting project for me later.. ;D thanks for the idea.

    • Thanks.. Yes hubby made it home in one piece.. I’m so proud of him to make it johns and not get lost in the Europe train system.. He nearly did.. But he asked the locals for directions.. Cos he board the opposite directions and could have headed to else where instead of the airport.. Hee hee

  3. Just caught on the knitting/crochet bug, waiting to start soon. The last time I did … must have been n years ago. You look good with your beret, I think I can try it. Please send the pattern to my email address at stella_gek@yahoo.com
    many thanks!

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