39 squares (15/39) Let’s Continue

Aloha friends and readers,

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments in the previous post, it really warms my heart to read them all. And I’m sorry that I didn’t post earlier for 39 squares, life just got me down recently. I don’t wanna bore you with it.. So let’s get ready to stitch yah.. πŸ˜€

Before I begin, I would like to welcome new friends who has just joined us. To the new friends, if you like to know what all these is about, feel free to read more about it here.


Square #11~ Pink Flowers

For this Square #11, I’ve stitched some pink flowers and using darker shade of pink as french knots in the center. Using green as the stalk and the leaves are done in lazy daisy stitch πŸ˜€


#12-Letter R

This is the row which I’ve been doing the word Craft. So the “R” is stitched with 4 strand of embroidery floss in stem stitching. Use your fabric marker and draw a “R”. Remember to use 4 strand for this effect ;).



For this 3rd row (i.e. #3,#8,#13, #18#23,#28,#33,#38), I’m adding all sewing related kind of embellishments.. This time, tiny weeny buttons which I’ve gotten them out of my button glass jar. And I’ve cross stitch a pink button too. see how I’ve cross some buttons but make some straight.


#14 Letter “R”

Next #14 is the beginning of the word Room. So Another “R”, but this time, I’ve done chain stitching around the border and fill the space with straight stitches. Also added a bright blue bead in the center.



Lastly, for #15, get out your fabric marker and draw a hedgehog. And go to your thread stash and pull out Β dark and light brown shade of embroidery floss.. and stitch away. Stitch the dark one before the lighter one.
I’ve outline the border with dark brown and using chain stitching, otherwise, no special stitches here.. all straight stitchesΒ (but slanted to one side)Β take note on where you like to add the light brown to the front part and the legs of the hedgehog.
Get the darkest brown you can find or black embroidery floss and stitch French knots for the eye and nose πŸ˜€

This deign took me a while to find the correct shade (do correct me if Β I’m wrong), cos’ to be honest, I’ve never seen a life hedgehog before. LOL.. yup.. that’s the BIG problem living in the city right :/

But all in all…

After all these stitching, I’m proud to show you all of the 15 squares so far. What do you think. Really quirky looking right? LOL.. πŸ˜€ (That’s my aim actually… making a quirky piece)
photo (1)
I guess that’s the fun of it. Just stitch and decorate the piece.. cos this work will ultimately stays with you. Okie dokie.. I will come back in a while for more. I’m not sure if there’s anyone out there doing the 39 projects, as thinking of doing a link up party maybe later in the year.. drop me a line or two and let me know what you think of that.. It will be fun to visit each other’s blog and check out what other’s are stitching. Let me know as I can always arrange that. πŸ˜€ see you soon. Bye…


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      • me too, I love hedgehogs. In my town centre at the moment, there is a lady selling polymer clay animals, one of which are a pair of kissing hedgehogs! I have to divert myself from it πŸ™‚

    • heehee.. thank you.. (actually I’ve not seen one yet.. so I’ve been looking at pictures on-line for the colour reference..) Heeehee.. so i hope the colour kind of match LOL

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