Next 5 Squares (10/39)

Hello Stitching Friends,
If you are new to this blog or just found me, you may read more about 39 Squares in my earlier post here.

Hope your first 5 squares went well 😀

I’m eager to show you some ideas for the next 5 now..

so ready

get set


For Block #6, I drew a leave and some acorns. LOL.. I know we are not seeing them until later part of the year.. But.. I just love them 😀
very easy to draw, just 2 half circle (top & bottom), don’t forget to add a tiny stalk on top. The acorns are stitched using satin and the leaf is done using stem stitches.


Acorns and Leaf

Next #7 of the square, will be the First Alphabet of Crafty Room. I drew the letter ‘C’, did an outline stitch with Stem Stitching and cover the space with satin stitch. I’ve also added a small flower at the side using cross-stitching. 😀
photo 1


Letter ‘C’

For this 3rd row (i.e. #3,#8,#13, #18#23,#28,#33,#38), remembered that I’m adding some sort of sewing related embellishments to my work. First Sew some zig-zag lines as below.
photo 3

Next, find a Scissor button and sew it on. I have also added some cloth beside the scissors and making the edges like the zig-zag lines.
photo 4


Scissor & Cloth

For Square #9, I’ve drawn a butterfly this time and using running stitches for the motion lines. Love this butterfly.


Pretty Butterfly

Lastly, for #10, okie, I’ve always wanted to try this out.. This time, I drew a Sheep and filled up the space with French Knots. For French knots in the sheep, I’ve used 4 strands and can you see the woolly effect? And also added the words~ Baaa!!. heehee.. I totally adore this sheep. I hope to stitch more of it in the future. 😀


Cute Sheep

And I’m proud to show you my first 10 squares… Ta-dah…

photo 4

First 10 Squares

I’m also thinking of doing some linking up party later on.. so not sure if anyone is keen, drop me a line or two and I can arrange that. Happy Stitching everyone. 😀


24 thoughts on “Next 5 Squares (10/39)

    • thank you.. I learnt that technique from a pinterest post I’ve seen earlier on.. I love the effect of the french knots. 😀

  1. Oooh this is looking amazing! I LOVE the sheep! I think I may be quite late in starting mine as everything is all go with packing for the move! I definitely want to take part as soon as I can though!

    • oohhh.. no worries on when you wanna start.. is a free and easy SAL.. so no hard and fast rules here.. I’ll understand you be busy with the moving.. remember to drop me a new address so i can update my address book.. take care.. 😀

    • thank you.. is going to be framed and I may hang it on the craft-room door.. 😀

      you can start one and have a play woth any designs you like.. happy stitching.

    • heehee.. yup.. is rather small.. the sheep kind of fit a 3cm by 3cm square.. got the inspiration from a pinterest pin I saw earlier on. 😀

  2. it’s looking good, love the sheep! You might want to adjust your letters though – Crafty room doesn’t really make sense, it should be Craft Room.

    • thank you.. and also thanks for pointing out the poor ability of my English language.. I’ve looked it up and I’ve a laugh about it.. oh well.. I may or may not change it.. cos it may alter some perspective to it..

      I appreciate your view.. thank you.. 😀

    • hee hee.. the scissors button is actually is about 3cm by 3cm.. but I was a little naughty to add on the cut cloth and the line, hence it went over the line a little.. 😀 I’ve still got more sewing related buttons coming up next.. 😉

  3. Your 39 are coming along nicely – Also I have nominated you for a Liebester Award Nomination – the guidlelines for the award are on my blog is you are interested in accepting the nomination.

    • hi debbierose.. thank you for the nomination.. 😀
      I will get down to that once I’ve sorted out some other posts. 😉

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